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Download Gemmy Lands - FreePlay Gemmy Lands - FreePlay icon
Gemmy Lands - FreePlay

Join Gemmy with exciting match-3 puzzle adventure through the beautiful Gemmy Lands! Download Gemmy Lands for FREE now! Discover secrets of the Gem Planet, create combinations of 3 gems and more in a row. Enjoy each and every stage with unique challenges and find the hidden treasures! - 1025 LEVELS of gemtastic fun! - Stunning graphics and sp…

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Download Barsik: Escape from New York Barsik: Escape from New York icon
Barsik: Escape from New York

AIR-RAID ALERT! All Barsik yammy-yammy stuff was stolen by UFO! Say goodbye to New York: the time to go out for the REAL adventure has come right NOW. Jump from one roof to next all over the world! Do ALL POSSIBLE to get the fridge back home. No one dares to steal other's food! Features: - login VK to play with friends; - 80 different lev…

Free 67.1K 8.4

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Download Supercow Lite Supercow Lite icon
Supercow Lite

Check out this super-dynamic arcade game about the adventures of a new character that deserves everyone's attention: Supercow! The evil professor Duriarti has escaped from the prison and captured the farm in Sunny Valley! Now he is creating an army of clones from innocent animals! While nobody knows exactly he’s plotting, the mad professor is…

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Download Mysteryville 2: hidden crime Mysteryville 2: hidden crime icon
Mysteryville 2: hidden crime

Brave and talented journalist Laura Winner returns to the small town that everyone remembers from the award winning game Mysteryville. And once again she finds herself at the epicenter of a scandal. She plans to take a vacation and relax with her friend Bill Witowsky and ruined when she arrives to find that Bill is missing. She starts her own inves…

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Download Supercow Free Supercow Free icon
Supercow Free

A super-dynamic free casual arcade game runner! Find out the run adventures of Super cow! The evil professor duriarti has escaped from the prison and captured the farm in Sunny valley! Now he is creating an army of full clones from innocent animals! Only a fit supercow can stop him! Features: - Fascinating plot that’s a sure blockbuster! -…

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Download Gemmy Lands Gemmy Lands icon
Gemmy Lands

Create 3-in-a-row gem combos by matching nearby diamonds. Use bonuses and solve more and more advanced logical puzzles. Move faster on the map than your Facebook friends. Help Gemmy to switch crystals and explore this fun and amazing world. Download FREE right now and enjoy the best game in the genre! Build your own Gem Planet! - 740 LEVELS alre…

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Download Dream Sleuth: hidden object Dream Sleuth: hidden object icon
Dream Sleuth: hidden object

Young Catherine has strange dreams in which a recently kidnapped girl comes to her and tries to tell her a terrible secret. Nobody knows what has happened with this child and only Catherine can find little kid. Catherine starts her own investigation and the great adventure begins. She needs to seek out and find witnesses to interview to help her so…

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7 Expert
Download Wonderlines: match-3 puzzle Wonderlines: match-3 puzzle icon
Wonderlines: match-3 puzzle

Once, during an expedition to South America, a famous archaeologist found some strange hieroglyphic writings. They described rules of the sacred game, which was the main challenge for anyone who desired to become the High Priest. When he returned to Europe he gave the writings to best video game developers, and now you too can play this ancient and…

Free 10.8K 7

7 Expert
Download Magic Academy: hidden castle Magic Academy: hidden castle icon
Magic Academy: hidden castle

Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery detective story, magical items and mystery are woven together to produce an enjoyable mix of charmed seek & find crime adventure and a hidden object story! Mysterious events have shocked the world of magic! A young student wizard named Annie has dis…

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Download Mysteryville:detective story Mysteryville:detective story icon
Mysteryville:detective story

TRY IT NOW FOR FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM INSIDE THE GAME. Sinister things are happening in Mysteryville: all of the cats have disappeared from this little town. Young journalist Laura Winner starts to investigate this hidden crime. Using her wits and courage she becomes a true detective and starts to find all of Mysteryville’s secr…

Free 8.1K 7

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