• Cop Recorder 2




    Cop Recorder 2 is a network-enabled authority recorder! With this app, you can secretly record audio whenever you are dealing with an authority figure, and then anonymously upload it to the server to expose police corruption and brutality! Use it whenever you deal with the police,...

  • aDose | Brainwave Machine




    aDose is a brain machine! Using specific patterns of sound and light, aDose creates a mood-altering experience which creates focus, relaxation, energy and creativity! It's more than just binaural beats, it's a complete audio-visual experience! Sound and light machines are used...

  • Pay What You Want Demo




    Pay What You Want Demo Pay What You Want Demo Pay What You Want Demo Pay What You Want Demo Pay What You Want Demo Pay What You Want Demo

  • LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder




    LectureLeaks is a lecture recorder - your personal OpenCourseWare repository. You can now record, save, and upload your college lectures directly from your Android device. You can also browse our library of recordings and learn any time, anywhere. LectureLeaks helps you study, and it helps the...

  • BitTorrent Client | aBTC




    Make the most of your unlimited data plan! aBTC is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Android. Open a bit torrent file to download TV and music mp3 albums straight to your phone! Features DHT and downloading while sleeping. Now with in-app search.

  • Blackbook | Graffiti King




    Blackbook is the ultimate graffiti drawing application! Paint your tag with realistic drips! Great to draw your name wherever you go. Tons of brushes and backgrounds including MTA, MBTA and SEPTA! Super fun and very addictive! It's a great art application even if you don't write...

  • Stealth Video Recorder




    Awesome spy tool! Record video in secret! Set an unlock code, then the screen turns off while video is silently recorded. Spy on your boss, the police, your friends, anybody! They will have no idea.. Please only use this for evil purposes.

  • Call My Friend Seth




    This weekend, my friend Seth pranked me pretty hard and I ended up having to drink a whole bunch of Smirnoff Ice. I need your help to prank him back - I want a thousand people to call him and ask him if he likes Smirnoff Ice. And this app lets you do exactly that. Update: After >1400 calls, I...

  • Krasha - Crash Generator




    Krasha is a crasher ! Generate force close crashes and exceptions. Developers only! I don't know why anybody would ever want this, but here you go. Source code on Github Crash / Exception StackOverflowException NullPointerException ActivityNotFoundException ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException...

  • Stealth Recorder




    Use Shadyface Stealth Recorder to invisibly record audio conversations in the background! Use it to spy on friends, coworkers, your boss, your parents and your teachers! Leave it on the table and they'll have no idea. Straight up Jason Bourne type stuff. Badass. 1.3: File browser and...

  • Weed Converter Donate




    You're a baller, and I made an app you like. You should be cool and give me two bucks so I can buy a dutch and a cranberry snapple. Because you're a G like that. v1.2: Mo' Bugfixes. 420.

  • Port Scandroid




    Port Scandroid is a port scanner for Android. It displays the reachability of a range of ports for a given host. A scan on a 3G network may report some interesting false positives, so run it over wifi if you need accurate results. By Rich Jones Source code is available under GNU GPL:...

  • DroidGear 0.1.3




    Sega Game Gear and Master System emulator. Roms on Google. Updated! .1.3: Incremental updates This is an open source project, so improvements soon! Devs, try your hand and help out! :) **Requires OI File Manager!** Ported by Stepan Korshakov (, based on JavaGear by Chris White

  • Better Translate




    Better Translate is an upgrade of the Translation application which adds Text To Speech support. Uses Google to translate between >40 different languages! This is very useful for students and for talking to people from other countries! It's also really fun to make it say swear words!...

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