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    Artillery Fire

    Our latest Android release is here! It is World War 2 and you are in command of a Japanese artillery piece in this simple game of artillery fire. It is your job to fire off shots and defend your lands from attacking enemy units. You simply guess the range and degrees of the enemy forces and fire, sweating as you look through your binoculars hoping…

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    Download Zombie County Zombie County icon
    Zombie County

    An unexplained disease has spread through the county causing a horrific zombie outbreak. As a police officer and part of a special team of experts, your job is to get the outbreak under control. That means kill these zombies using whatever means possible while trying to survive! Shoot them, run them over, blow them up or just turn around and run fo…

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    Download Alastair: The Archer (FREE) Alastair: The Archer (FREE) icon
    Alastair: The Archer (FREE)

    This game is now FREE! Nice graphics, spooky atmosphere, haunting monsters and excellent soundtrack bring this world to life! You are Alastair, an heroic but mysterious hooded Archer from the lands of Holland Heights. No one, not even the king knows much about Alastair other then the many times he has saved victims from villians and monsters. It i…

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    Download Ultimate Space War Ultimate Space War icon
    Ultimate Space War

    The Ultimate Space War has begun! Fight off alien ships in this fast paced arcade space game of shooting action! FEATURES: • Challenging top scrolling space shooting action! • Multiple ships to choose from, each with different ratings • Random procedures insure no two games are the same • Simple tilt control with automatic shooting • Large boss s…

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    Download Pacific Hellcat Pacific Hellcat icon
    Pacific Hellcat

    It is WW2 in the Pacific and you are in control of an F6F Hellcat! Take to the skies and dogfight Japanese zeros or drop bombs from above on ships and island facilities in this challenging arcade action game. Scream as you dive into ship or ground based AA and flak bursts in hopes of scoring bomb hits. Fight battles through multiple levels on air,…

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    Download Rock N Roll Starfighter Rock N Roll Starfighter icon
    Rock N Roll Starfighter

    AD FREE VERSION! Jam to rock & roll style music while piloting a starfighter to destroy endless waves of enemy fighters and more! Blast the turrets and reactors off of large capital ships and take on the enemy at the planet surface. Destroy ground installations, radars, domes and more! Shoot music notes in bonus stages to hear guitar sounds an…

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