• Cash Expenses

    Cash Expenses




    Cash Expenses is a smartphone app that helps you track your daily cash expenses. Use this app to monitor your personal spending habits. All your expenditure data is saved only on your phone. No sign up required. No Internet connection required. Ad free. Customize spending categories anyway you...

  • Waterloo Calendar

    Waterloo Calendar


    Waterloo Calendar shows a day calendar with the current term (fall, winter, spring). Only those who are living in Waterloo/Kitchener can download this app.

  • Quarter Calendar

    Quarter Calendar




    Quarters are 3-month periods throughout a calendar year. Each quarter is prefixed with a Q; for example, Q1 is the first quarter of the year encompassing January, February, and March. To read more about quarters and their use in tax reporting, refer to Publication 509 of the IRS. Quarter...

  • Xmas Expenses

    Xmas Expenses




    Track your spending budget this Black Friday till Christmas! Xmas Expenses is a smartphone app that helps budget your Christmas spending. Use this app daily to record how much you spent. Unlike other tools, all your expense data is completely under your control. You don't need an account to...

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