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  • Wooden Dummy Kicking Form




    * NEW * - Added 13 application drills to movements. Wing Chun Dummy Kicking Form is a rarely seen training method. The form brings you the essence of Wing Chun Kicking power. Many Wing Chun practitioners who don't fully understand Wing Chun assume that Wing Chun is not good at legs, which...

  • Wing Chun Glossary




    A collection of Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu curriculum information. The main information are: 1. Wing Chun Glossary, containing photo, Jyutping (Cantonese), English & Chinese definition. Plus native Cantonese voice recordings for each term. A quick search function is provided for easy...

  • Wing Chun Chum Kiu Form




    Chum Kiu (Romanization: cam4 kiu4) is the 2nd level form of the IP Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System. At level one, the Siu Nim Tau Form, we learn the fundamental concepts and build up our awareness of body structure from the stand still YZKYM. At Chum Kiu (CK) level, we keep building up our skill...

  • Wing Chun Siu Nim Tau Notes




    Siu Nim Tau Form is the first and most important form of Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Literally, "Siu Nim Tau" is often translated as "Little Idea". However the true meaning is "Subtle Awareness". Apart from standard and precise positioning of hand movements, the form...

  • Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form




    The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form is the ultimate training tool for empty handed skill training. In this App, the movements of the Dummy Form are divided into individual video clips. Plus English, Chinese name and standard Cantonese romonization for the movement. It's probably the best tool...

  • Mandarin for Cantonese




    Includes 260 Mandarin phrases which corresponds to Hong Kong style Cantonese. Contents include Cantonese, Mandarin, Narration, Illustration and Example usage. All come with professional voices of Mandarin teachers. Ideal for Cantonese speakers who wishes to learn native Beijing Mandarin. On the...

  • Wing Chun Biu Zi Form




    Biu Zi (Romanization: biu1 zi2), also known as Biu Jee, is the 3rd level form of the IP Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System.

  • Native Mandarin




    Learn native Mandarin from native speakers. Content is divided into 8 categories. 260+ phrases come with text and professional native voice, example, narration, illustration and corresponding meaning in English. Ideal for westerners who wish to learn native Beijing Mandarin.

  • Firstaid Handbook




    Provides about 150 articles about handling of emergency situations in both Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

  • Mark 6 Lab


    A fun way to get Mark 6 lucky numbers.

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