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  • Deutsche Witze XXL

    Deutsche Witze XXL




    Über 3000 Witze in übersichtliche Kategorien eingeteilt: > Alle Kinder > Alkoholsprüche > Alkoholwitze > Antiwitze > Arztwitze > Autowitze > Bauernregeln > Bauernwitze > Beleidigungen > Beamtenwitze > Bierwitze > Blondinenwitze > Bundeswehr > Chefwitze...

  • My Little Virtual Pet

    My Little Virtual Pet




    My Little Virtual Pet - your virtual friend! ✩ Many different pets (bird pets, cat pet, dog pet, horse pet, pony pet, rabbit pet, panda pet, monkey pet, rabbit pet, alien pet) ✩ Various stages of evolution with new look ✩ Big shop system ✩ Diseases dependent on food ✩ Various random events ✩...

  • Paper Shooter

    Paper Shooter




    The Pounies try to conquer the earth. You must kill them with skillful shots from your cannon. We developed over 50 levels of fun and many additional levels will come soon. Don't be confused by the look of the Pounies. They seem to look cute but they are bad creatures from planet...

  • 3.0
    Hangman (German)

    Hangman (German)




    Play hangman and guess all the words in order to create a combo

  • Jogo do enforcado - Duelo

    Jogo do enforcado - Duelo




    Desafia a teus amigos ou qualquer jogador no jogo clásico do enforcado Jogardes quatro rodadas e em cada rodada vai ter você e seu opontene três palabras idénticas para adivinar. As categorias são selecionadas alternadamente, então você tem a chance de escolher uma categoría nela que você é...

  • Hangman Duel

    Hangman Duel




    Compete with your friends or others in the classic game Hangman. You must play four rounds and in each round you and your opponent will get three identical words to guess. The categories are selected alternately, so you have the chance to select a category that fits better to you than to your...

  • Hänga Gubbe Duell

    Hänga Gubbe Duell




    Utmana Dina vänner eller valfria spelare i spelklassikern "Hänga Gubbe". Fyra spelomgångar och i varje omgång får Du och Din motståndare tre likadana ord att gissa på. Kategori väljs växelvis, så att Du har chans att välja den kategori, som du är bäst på och Din motståndare något...

  • Duello dell'Impiccato

    Duello dell'Impiccato




    Competi con i tuoi amici o qualsiasi giocatore nel gioco classico del’ Impiccato. Saranno giocato quattro turni e in ogni round, tu e il tuo avversario riceverete tre parole identiche a indovinare. Le categorie vengono selezionati alternativamente, in modo da avere la possibilità di selezionare...

  • Shizzle - The Box Adventure

    Shizzle - The Box Adventure




    Shizzle wanted to speak with his girlfriend, suddenly she ran away. Maybe she was afraid, or does she has something to hide? Find her so Shizzle can tell her everything and discover the secret of her escape. Simple gameplay: --------------------------------------------- ★ Destroy the number...

  • El Ahorcado Duelo

    El Ahorcado Duelo




    Reta a tus amig@s o a cualquier jugador a este juego clásico de “El ahorcado”. Se juegan 4 rondas. En cada turno, tu oponente y tu recibiréis las mismas tres palabras para que las adivinéis. Las categorías se seleccionan alternativamente, por lo que tienes la oportunidad de elegir una categoría...

  • Galgenmännchen Duell

    Galgenmännchen Duell




    Fordere deine Freunde oder beliebige Spieler in dem Spiele-Klassiker Galgenmännchen heraus. Es werden vier Runden gespielt und in jeder Runde bekommst du und dein Gegner drei gleiche Wörter zum Erraten. Die Kategorien werden abwechselnd gewählt, womit du die Chance hast, eine Kategorie...

  • Hangman (Italian)

    Hangman (Italian)




    Hangman - The classic game of school. This is the popular classic game you probably know from school. You can choose from several categories and as a result you will be given words to guess! Existing categories are: - Countries - Pets - Celebrities - Trademarks - Food - City FEATURES:...

  • Tier Quiz

    Tier Quiz




    Das ultimative Tier Quiz für Tierliebhaber und Leute, die noch gerne mehr über die Tierwelt in Erfahrung bringen möchten. A la "Wer wird Millionär" ist die App mit Quizfragen bestückt. Mit neuen Updates kommen auch ständig neue Fragen, womit die App auch für längere Zeit interessant...

  • Football Juggler Deluxe

    Football Juggler Deluxe




    This is a football juggle app with real physics. 9 DIFFERENT BALLS: ------------------- You can play up to 9 different balls which have different physics: - classic football / soccer ball - basketball - volleyball - stone ball - tennis ball - golfball - rubber ball - baseball - rugby We will...

  • Hangman (Finnish)

    Hangman (Finnish)




    "Hangman" - the classic school game. This is a classic, well-known game probably from school. You can choose between different groups, and thus you will be given the words to guess! The current categories are: - Countries - Animals - Celebrities / Celebrities - Brands - Food - Cities...

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