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  • My Piper




    Hello!? Is there anyone here? My name is Piper and I come from the planet Melmik. Yesterday, the crazy Professor Wayne destroyed my magical little town. I haven't seen my family and friends since that terrible day. When I woke up, everything around me was destroyed and I felt like being...

  • Mega Quiz




    Teste dein Allgemeinwissen und werde zum virtuellen Millionär! Die ultimative Quiz-App mit über 5000 Fragen. Beweise dein Allgemeinwissen und meistere das Quiz. Mit neuen Updates kommen auch ständig neue Fragen, womit die App auch für längere Zeit interessant sein dürfte. Falls ihr eine falsche...

  • Tier Quiz




    Das ultimative Tier Quiz für Tierliebhaber und Leute, die noch gerne mehr über die Tierwelt in Erfahrung bringen möchten. A la "Wer wird Millionär" ist die App mit Quizfragen bestückt. Mit neuen Updates kommen auch ständig neue Fragen, womit die App auch für längere Zeit interessant...

  • 7.4

    Deutsche Witze XXL




    A German joke app filled with all sorts of funniness.

  • Galgenmännchen 2




    Teil 2 des beliebten Spiele-Klassikers Galgenmännchen oder Galgenspiel ist da! Errate das vorgegebene Wort bevor der Galgen aufgebaut ist und rette das kleine Männchen. Vermutlich kennt jeder das Spiel aus der Schulzeit und hat schon die ein oder andere langweilige Minute damit überbrückt. Die...

  • My Little Virtual Pet




    My Little Virtual Pet - your virtual friend! ✩ Many different pets (bird pets, cat pet, dog pet, horse pet, pony pet, rabbit pet, panda pet, monkey pet, rabbit pet, alien pet) ✩ Various stages of evolution with new look ✩ Big shop system ✩ Diseases dependent on food ✩ Various random events ✩...

  • Deine Mutter Witze




    Die berühmten lustigen Deine Mutter Sprüche in einer übersichtlichen Darstellung. Du kannst die Deine Mudda Witze in einer persönlichen Favoritenliste speichern und diese Liste jederzeit verwalten. Außerdem kannst du die Sprüche mit deinen Freunden teilen oder sie dir vorlesen lassen....

  • Hangman (Finnish)




    "Hangman" - the classic school game. This is a classic, well-known game probably from school. You can choose between different groups, and thus you will be given the words to guess! The current categories are: - Countries - Animals - Celebrities / Celebrities - Brands - Food - Cities...

  • Football Juggler Deluxe




    This is a football juggle app with real physics. 9 DIFFERENT BALLS: ------------------- You can play up to 9 different balls which have different physics: - classic football / soccer ball - basketball - volleyball - stone ball - tennis ball - golfball - rubber ball - baseball - rugby We will...

  • 7.0

    Barney The Box




    Help Barney organize all the boxes and make sure they don't fall

  • Shizzle - The Box Adventure




    Shizzle wanted to speak with his girlfriend, suddenly she ran away. Maybe she was afraid, or does she has something to hide? Find her so Shizzle can tell her everything and discover the secret of her escape. Simple gameplay: --------------------------------------------- ★ Destroy the number...

  • Shizzle - The Flying Box




    Try to fly as far as possible. ✩ Tap on the screen to fly ✩ Submit your score and compare it globally or with your friends Have fun with this little addicting app. Fly like you've never flown before. This is a very difficult game in which you must avoid the obstacles! Be patient and...

  • Touch It 2




    It's time to click like an insane :-) This is a small game for short funny times. Click faster than the rest of the world and defeat your friends! # 1 Player mode with four different stages # 2 Player mode with four different stages # Bluetooth Battle # Play with friends # Defeat your...

  • Basketball Shooter




    Finish all levels and try to hunt the global record in the last level . # Two player mode / multiplayer mode # Simple and fun # Different balls # Throw baskets # Google Play Games (highscore) # 2D-Phsyics engine Everybody got three life points and there is a multiplier in the last level. When...

  • Learn French (Turkish)




    Many studies have shown that the best learning is achieved through fun and play. This app tries both elements to reconcile and thus provides users with the possibility to form a breakthrough concept of learning English. The app includes over 2000 predefined vocabulary, which can be extended by...

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