NG Applications

  • Santé Articles -

    Santé Articles -


    App officielle pour avec articles pour votre santé. Nutrition, perdre du poids, santé physique, hypertension, diabète et plus de catégories.

  • BMI Calculator Weight Tracker

    BMI Calculator Weight Tracker




    BMI Calculator and Weight Tracker is a free application for calculating your body mass index. You can also keep a diary of your weight and BMI progress over time and get automatically generated graphs. It gives you your exact BMI and your category based on it (for example underweight, normal,...

  • Unit Converter

    Unit Converter




    Another handy utility by Convert different units between dozens of measurement units. Temperature, weight, length, energy, acceleration and lots more.

  • DNS Lookup and Whois

    DNS Lookup and Whois




    A simple to use app, for DNS, Geographic Location (GeoIP) and Whois lookups of domains and IP addresses. You type only a hostname/domain or IP address and press a button to see all available information for it. DNS lookup, MX records, whois, Geographic Location (GeoIP), nameservers info, all...

  • World Weather

    World Weather




    Official Android application by See the current weather conditions and 5 days forecast for every area in the world. The application automatically stores a list of your searched cities so you don't need to type their name again every time you want to see the updated...

  • Health and Fitness Articles

    Health and Fitness Articles




    Read new articles every day about health, fitness, nutrition, dental health and much more topics, with this free application. The articles databased is enriched every day with lots of new articles.

  • Calories Vitamins Nutrients

    Calories Vitamins Nutrients




    Maintain your fitness and a healthy diet with this Free application. Calories database for more than 500 thousands foods and meals. The source of all data is the official database of US FDA. See the amount of calories you take from everything you eat. Also see the amount of vitamins, minerals,...

  • Currency Converter Plus

    Currency Converter Plus




    Convert between dozens of world currencies with this simple fast application. All currencies are daily updated over the Internet, so you always get the most up-to-date and precise conversions. The application is simple: Type the amount and select the currencies you want to convert.

  • Υγεία 24 - Ygeia 24

    Υγεία 24 - Ygeia 24




    The official application of the Greek independent health related web site Read new articles every day about nutrition, exercise, wellness, dental and skin health and many other topics. Contents of the application is updated, like the site, several times a week with new articles.

  • Walk and Run Diary Pro

    Walk and Run Diary Pro




    A simple and efficient application which calculates the calories you burn during your walks and runs based on your weight and the duration of your walk or run. Enter the duration and weight and just press "Calculate". Then you can record all data in a daily diary protected with a...

  • Green Energy WA

    Green Energy WA


    Official application for the 'Green Energy WA' web site located at Read our latest news and articles on your Android device, through this handy application.

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