• 6.8

    Offline dictionaries pro




    The handy offline app with 50 multi-lingual dictionaries

  • 6.8

    Offline dictionaries




    The handy offline app with 50 multi-lingual dictionaries

  • Avarice




    Avarice is a simple and addictive game that can be played alone against the computer or with a friend. Take turns gathering coins around you, by touching them. Become the richest to win the round! Try to get the highest score in arcade mode or challenge your friends in the multiplayer modes. Two...

  • Grid games (crossword, sudoku)




    Solve arrowword, crossword, sudoku and takuzu puzzles right on your smartphone or tablet. Features: - auto-save - get a hint or the complete solution when you want - check for errors - save multiple states of a puzzle to try different possibilities - pencil marks (sudoku) - pinch to zoom...

  • Dog vision




    See through the eyes of a dog! Dogs not only see in shades of gray but also can see distinct colors contrary to popular belief. This application simulates dog vision using the device camera. You can take snapshots and share it with your friends.

  • Daltonizer




    Daltonizer is a color blindness simulator application that uses the camera device. It can be used to illustrate how the color blind see the world or to ensure that the colors you choose for a work can be seen by a color-blind person. Several color modes are included, including Protanopia,...

  • Gorillas




    The famous gorillas game! You are a gorilla and you must kill the other players by throwing explosive bananas! Features: - play ONLINE against your fiends! - support up to 4 local players - can play against the computer - can play with touch screen - can play with classic method - support...

  • Color blindness correction




    Are you color blind? Try the Color blindness correction app. Color blindness correction is an augmented reality application that enhances images to make areas confused by color-blind people visible. It also provides a color-naming feature. Image processing is done in real-time by using...

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