Nguyễn Đắc Phúc

  • SMS Scheduler




    SMS Scheduler is a simple tool for automatic sending sms any time in the future. Have you ever forgotten about sending your mother (wife or friends) happy birthday wishes? Has your love one ever wanted to break up with you after not getting any sweet nothings on your anniversary ? Have you ever...

  • Airplane Mode Scheduler




    Airplane Mode Scheduler is a small app for automatically enable/disable Airplane mode. Airplane Mode can be switched on automatically every night and morning off or you can choose the DAYS of WEEK (Mon, Tue, Wed,...) you want. This saves the battery and also good for your health. NOTE: This app...

  • Fake Call and SMS




    Fake Call and SMS is an app for automatic faking the call & sms log. Main features: 1. Fake call log for all incoming/outgoing/missed calls. 2. Fake call & SMS log for specify number. 3. Create a fake call: You can choose the date, time, duration, type of call...

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