• Photo Cute Magazine

    Photo Cute Magazine




    Photo cute magazine Nhatviet Group is introduce to you Photo cute magazine app. This app help you make more photo interesting with some cover magazine. You will like a famous person with this app. Features: Magazine Frames: 14 cove magazine like DETAILS, BAZAAR, TIME, BEAUTY v.v... Draw:...

  • Lovely Photo Frames - Square

    Lovely Photo Frames - Square




    We have converted app Lovely Photo Frames - HD from rectangle frames to square frames. If you love photo you can make more lovely photo with some square fames. And sharing to instagram or Facebook. Features: - 30 high resolution Lovely square frames. - Sticky cool and color, you can zoom and...

  • Lovely Photo Frames - HD

    Lovely Photo Frames - HD




    For a long time , capture photo with frames has became popular on PC, With PC you can make many lovely photo, but now on the smartphone you can do that. Continue, NHAT VIET release new app for photo collage followers With many high resolution frames, it make your photo become shimmering and...

  • Photo Art Studio - Pic Editor

    Photo Art Studio - Pic Editor




    Photo Art Studio - Pic Editor : This is the time for everbody make some photo really crazy. I mean, if you think about art and differrent photo, you created a great pics that other people don't. We don't need about photo editor, we need about idea for pictures. Features: 27 Frames of...

  • Photo Cute Decoration

    Photo Cute Decoration




    For peaple love cute design. Photo Cute Decoration app with many decorations design with Pink, blue, green, violet, orange and yellow colour... help you make some picture very lovely and beautiful. For any Features we do we think about colours. And we make this app very easy to use. Main...

  • 1000 English Phrases

    1000 English Phrases




    Using for Vietnamese - vietnamese dictionary phrases English Phrases 1000 (vietnamese translator phrases) software contains the phrases said every day, you can improve sentences in daily communicationa and using for tourist. Save what you've learned and words to your favorite. - 1000 daily...

  • Tiếng anh giao tiếp 30 ngày

    Tiếng anh giao tiếp 30 ngày




    Đây là một ứng dụng học tiếng anh giao tiếp nhỏ gọn với các đoạn giao tiếp đơn giản thường xuyên được sử dụng hằng ngày. Các câu tiếng anh ngắn gọn và phổ biến, phù hợp cho các bạn bắt đầu học giao tiếp tiếng anh. Đặc biệt bạn có thể hoàn thành 30 ngày các câu giao tiếp này trong trường hợp bạn...

  • Edit Photo with Square frame

    Edit Photo with Square frame




    Edit Photo Square frame App will help you edit your photo with Square frame. If you fell feel bored with rectangle frame just try a new thing. And it is a reason we make app. Features: - Easy to edit photo, rotation anh zoom by fingers. - 40 kind of draw with 20 colors. - 11 effects for photo. -...

  • 3D Insta Photo Frames -Insta3D

    3D Insta Photo Frames -Insta3D




    3D Insta Photo Frames -Insta3D: for every people want to make a creativity photo and sharing for instagram. Of course, Frames design simple, clean and look like 3D and 2D view. Absolute you will make a new style on instagram, and the other people liked. Features: 40 Frames with 2D. 20 Frames...

  • Photo Wonder Frames - Square

    Photo Wonder Frames - Square




    Photo Wonder Frames - Square : We converted app Photo Art Studio - Pic Editor from rectangle frames to square frames. This app will help you make some wonderful photo with square. 40 Wonder Frames. 40 Wonder Elements can zoom and rotation. Some color texts is very nice. More waiting you......

  • Insta Beauty Dress Camera

    Insta Beauty Dress Camera




    Insta Beauty Dress Camera: It is funny idea help you make your style dress and show for your friends on instagram very quickly. Have color bags and more beauty dress to mixed and find out what dress you like. Main Features: Square Size Camera. 80 Beauty Dresses for dress up your photo. 30...

  • Dress Up Fashion Photo Editor

    Dress Up Fashion Photo Editor




    You don't know how you look like when you try a dress, but with Dress Up Fashion Photo Editor app you will. It 's easy to load your photo from albums or camera and dress up for your photo. This way to check your style is cool which dress ? Features: Rectangle size photo. 80 Dresses...

  • Sketch Photo by NV

    Sketch Photo by NV




    Sketch Photo by NV app help you change any photo to pencil drawing. You can load picture from albums or take from camera to make sketch photo. And easy to change color of pencil or add background. Features: - Edit single photo: + More 10 color of pencil to make sketch photo. + Add Frame with...

  • Foto Art Effects - Rectangle

    Foto Art Effects - Rectangle




    Foto Art Effects - Rectangle : help you make beautiful photo by our effects. This is really nice effects you see on google play, this is art of effects. Remember: this is retangle size foto. Features: 15 effect Pro for Rectangle Size: Peacock, Carp, Wolf, Polarbear, Nightingale, Turle,...

  • Photo Editor Pro New - by NV

    Photo Editor Pro New - by NV




    Photo Editor Pro New is a best app to edit photo make by NV. It 's power by simple, and help you create a photo very creativity and beautiful pics you never see. You can save and view photo on app or share Facebook. How it work ? You edit two step with any result. Step 1: Choose single...

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