Nicholas Howe

  • Deck of Cards Now!


    This isn't just a great card game... it's all of them! With a full deck at your disposal, you have the freedom to drag and drop playing cards any way you like. Line up a game of solitaire for the ride home, test your luck at five-card stud or enjoy any number of drinking games with your...

  • Game Show FX Soundboard




    Game Show FX Soundboard brings the excitement of a high-production game show to your Android device. Sounds like prize wheels, dramatic countdowns, correct answer tones, and wrong answer buzzers are sure to intensify your event regardless of the consolation prize! Soundboard features include: *...

  • Messy Math Puzzle Game




    Messy Math is a simple puzzle game that flips traditional problem solving on its head. You're given an answer and are asked to solve for it by building equations using only the digits and operators you've been given. The end result is a one-of-a-kind game that proves to be both...

  • Comedy FX Soundboard




    What do the best jokes and the worst have in common? Both can benefit from the hilarious audio reactions that Comedy FX Soundboard offers. Included are two dozen funny sounds easily accessible in both landscape and portrait modes. Your favorites can be sent to the top of the list for quick...

  • Top Country Music Charts




    Stop navigating multiple websites or apps to discover new country and western music. Today's most highly regarded charts have been brought together in one powerful app. Top Country Music Charts allows users to browse trending songs as selected by the industry's top aggregators. In...

  • Top Rap R&B Music Charts




    Top Rap R&B Music Charts is the ultimate hub for all of the best hip-hop, soul, and R&B charts. Instead of listing only a few of the most popular songs as selected by a single party, Top Music Charts pulls in data from a variety of sources - including iTunes, Amazon, and Billboard - to...

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