Nick Eubanks

  • Grades: Student Organizer




    Keep track of your classes, school assignments, homework, and exams with ease using the Grades: Student Organizer from Android Infinity Software. Watch your attendance, manage your time semester by semester or day by day, keep a record of your test scores and monitor your GPA using different...

  • Orientation Lock/Unlock




    Change your screen orientation lock easily! Tired of laying on your side and having the phone go to landscape or having to navigate through menus to lock or unlock your Screen Auto-Rotate? Long press search key or touch the shortcut in your app launcher to activate. Android only allows for...

  • Fish Compatibility Finder




    Fish Compatibility Finder is a great tool for any freshwater or saltwater aquarium owner who is looking to add a variety of fish to their tank but may not know what types of fish get along with each other. v1.3.1 Minor Maintenance Fixed missing permission error and market_not_managed errors

  • Grecian Ideal Body Tracker




    Get personal results that tell you exactly what proportions your body should be to look its best. Why train just to "get bigger" when you can have a specific goal? Track progress over time as you aim to make your body look like that of a Greek god. Great for those interested in...

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