Nick Wong

  • Simple Christmas Cards


    Create your own Christmas cards using this simple app. Firstly, select your card or create own by taking a photo using the phone camera. Secondly, choose or type in your own greetings. Thirdly, add emoticons, smileys and choose card background color. A simple Christmas card is done. Send it out...

  • Sea House Ideas




    Are you feeling stressful? Have you ever dream of living in a seahouse and listen to the ocean waves all the day? Seahouse Ideas collect 120 seahouses images from public domains. When you are stressful and could not get away. Try to Listen to the ocean waves at the same time while viewing the...

  • Speak I Love You




    Learn to speak 32 "I Love You" in different languages, including: African Albanian Arabic Bosnian Cantonese Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Filippino Finnish French German Greek heart Hungarian Iceland Indian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian...

  • Stock StopLoss


    Stock StopLoss App is designed for managing your investment portfolio with stocks. There are 3 main functions, News Reading, Stock Monitoring and Reporting. Stock Monitoring: First, create your investment portfolio with the "Add Stock" function. Search the stock and input related buy...

  • My Chinese-English Dictionary




    MyCEDict is a Chinese-English Dictionary. There are 2 main functions, the dictionary powered by CC-CEDict and the translation powered by MyMemory. You can search with Chinese characters (both traditional and simplified), pinyin, english or using voice recognition. In case you want to translate a...

  • Simple Compass




    Simple Compass is a simple and accurate compass app. It can be a substitute of a real compass. Simple, easy to use, accurate!

  • Kids Drag




    Kids Drag is a simple drag-and-drop matching game. Once kids drag the colorful icons to the corresponding dark ones, words will be spoken out. Kids learn the drag-and-drop action of mobile devices and pronounciation through this interactive action. Targeted ages of kids: 2 - 8 years old Idea of...

  • HK MotorBike Parking




    HK MotorBike Parking provides MotorBike Parking Information in Hong Kong. Input district or street name (in Chinese or English) and then press search. The parking info will be displayed in list. Press on the list and it will show the location on Google Map. It also shows the parking information...

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