Nick Zhang

  • Cellular big keyboard (Free)




    Integrated with startapp. If you don't like it, search for the paid version "Cellular big button keyboard". It is clean and faster. *** Specially designed for fast input to save your time. It is a migration of Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to the lower versions of android 2.2, 2.3...

  • Lecar friends(Google maps)




    The default of lecar friends which is embed in Lecar home ultra is base on mapabc, but it only supports map in china. After installing this application the google maps will be used instead in lecar cardock. It doen't work alone. Start is within the Lecar cardock enhancement (Free) or Lecar...

  • Lecar cardock enhancement




    Lecar carhome is an enhanced cardock application. Online demo of tracks(in chinese):。 setting up friends and checking tracks:。 Guide: Feathers include: big family of lecar dashboard, lecar...

  • Cellular big button Keyboard




    Still annoyed by the tiny key on your soft keyboard? Human's thumb is too big and the original latin-keyboard layout is not designed for a touch-screen of a cell phone. The android input method is good but the mis-touch and the following correction always slow down your input. The cellular...

  • Lecar car-mode lyrics Player


    Car-mode lrc-file player. Designed for multiple-tasks environment. You can enjoy the lyrics when doing other tasks. Recommended that lrc files are put at the same folder or at the folder /"upper folder"/lyrics/ with the name "mp3 file name".lrc. Does not work on all android...

  • Lecar Video recorder




    It is for real background recording. You can run other applications, or even turn the screen off when recording. It is designed to work with the Lecar dock enhancement for auto-start and auto-stop when enable and disable car-mode. It can be used alone. It needs 500M spaces on you sdcard. Files...

  • Cellular big Key Keyboard(2.1)




    Please note this application is only for android 2.1. For android 2.2 or above, please search the name "Cellular Big Button Keyboard" which is based on ice cream sandwich keyboard and install it instead. The latter one is better. *** In this version voice-to-text is not supported for...

  • 大按键输入法




    智能手机一直是年轻人的专利。但对岁数稍大眼神不太好的人来说,在触摸屏上打字,即看不太清楚,又点击不准,即使对于长期使用智能手机的用户来说,每次小心翼翼的点击按键也是一种折磨,更别提思维连贯和盲打了。认识到手机触摸屏输入的种种不便,大按键输入法这个革新产品应运而生。它独创的蜂窝式键盘结构在不破坏传统键盘布局的前提下不仅增大了按键尺寸,还使用户自己定义最舒适的键盘大小成为可能。 大按键输入法也是为追求极速输入的短信写手和QQ,...

  • 蜂窝拼音输入法




    电容触摸屏输入软键盘过窄的问题一直让人头疼。宽大的指肚和窄小的按键严重不成比例,实际使用中误点击造成的输入错误和进行修改事实上是造成输入速度慢的主要原因。蜂窝拼音输入法创新的采用了蜂窝式键盘布局,采用上下交错的按键结构扩展按键大小,大大减少了误点击的几率。从而大幅度的提高输入速度。 本输入法是中文输入。英文输入法也已上线。...

  • VNC 100




    Target to make Android mobile capable of controlling a remote computer. It is build upon tight VNC's java client. Tight VNC has the advantage of seeing the screen both on the desktop and on the client. Feedback is welcome.

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