• HD Full Screen Caller ID




    Congratulation! HD Full Screen Caller ID is more then 5 million downloads. We offer 18 different themes for FREE. Do you think the photo of contact is too small when you get or make a phone call. You could try to use this app, this app will display full screen and high quality photo of contact...

  • Text Emoticons




    You can use this app to send SMS or Email with textual emoticons to your friends. This app have a lot of emoticons to let you use it. Share to: ★Text message ★Email ★Facebook ★Whatsapp ★Google+ ★Twitter Change Log: 1.0.2 Add share function 1.0.3 Add more emoticons 1.0.4 Change layout 1.0.5...

  • Easy Uninstaller




    Apps Uninstall is a tool to uninstall apps. It is easy to use, you can just click one app that you want to uninstall. You even can choose multiple apps to batch uninstall them. Apps Uninstall also support app search and sort functions. Just type the keyword you can easily find apps that you want...

  • Personalize SMS




    Personalize SMS will show whole text message content when you receive a text message. Personalize SMS can let you edit font size, font color and font type of text message content, contact's name, phone number. Feature: 1. Edit font size of text message content, contact's name, phone...

  • 1-Tap Clean Cache




    1-Tap clean all cache to let you can get more available storage space.Best thing is you don't have to ROOT your phone. Characters: ★ 1-click to clear all cache files. ★ Your phone doesn't need root. ★ Show the total cache size. ★ List apps that have cache files. ★ Simple and easy use. ★...

  • 5.0

    App Backup & Reinstall




    App Backup & Reinstall allows you to backup and restore your app

  • 1-Tap Clean Cache Pro




    You can get more available storage space by clearing cache files with this app. 1-click to clear all cache files and the best thing is you don't have to ROOT your phone. Characters: ★ Schedule auto clean cache. ★ Widget - One touch. Clears all your caches. ★ Your phone doesn't need...

  • HD Caller ID Pro Key




    This is a license key to unlock all features of HD Caller ID and remove all advertisements. Note that this app is the license key only, you need to install HD Caller ID.

  • Log Call Location




    Do you want to know where did you make, receive or missed a phone call. This app will log your location, after you finish a phone call. You must turn on My location(Use wireless networks or Use GPS satellites) Characters: ★ Log your location when you make a phone call. ★ Log your location when...

  • Fast App Install




    1. FastAppInstall is fast to find all .apk files from your sdcard. 2. FastAppInstall can be forcused on specific directory that you put your .apk files in. 3. FastAppInstall only takes a lot of time to load your .apk file on the first time loading. v1.1.3 Froyo move to SD v1.3.1 Fix failure...

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