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  • Droid Remote Service * ROOT *

    Droid Remote Service * ROOT *




    *** Droid Remote Service *** Do you need to share your Android phone's screen with a friend remotely connected? Do you need remote assistance from your technician? Droid Remote Service is the answer! Download and install it, start the service and share the "Remote Screenshot Link"...

  • FreeTranslator





    A free translator App. It translates various languages like Italian, English, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Arabian, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Czech, Indonesian, Encyclopedic Dictionaries and much more!. Once installed an offline...

  • RubricaPA



    RubricaPA, un software gratuito con l'archivio dei contatti di tutte le Pubbliche Amministrazioni d'Italia. L'applicazione, in concorso ad Apps4Italy (, utilizza dati pubblicamente disponibili con licenza Italian Open Data License 1.0

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