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    AndNav (BETA) is a Navigation application providing NON-REALTIME(!) directions. Supports Waypoints, Satellite-Imagery, POI, Favorites, Contacts, etc... If you experience 'Force Close' please use the 'Log Collector' and send logs to support{at}andnav.org Missing realtime+audible turn-by-turn? Check: http://www.andnav.org

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    Download APlay! Multiplayer Games APlay! Multiplayer Games icon
    APlay! Multiplayer Games

    ★ ☆ APlay! - THE FREE CONSOLE FOR YOUR POCKEY ☆ ★ APlay! is a fun collection of multiplayer minigames. Two to six players can play in the same game at the same time. Over 10 exciting multiplayer minigames provide countless hours of fun for all ages. Action, Jump 'n' Run, Racing, Reaction, Memory, Puzzles, Realtime Strategy, ... APlay! del…

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    Download AndNav2 AndNav2 icon

    AndNav2 is a FREE + fully featured Turn-By-Turn Navigation Application. It supports Location-Lookup, POIs, Text-2-Speech Instructions, Traffic-Feeds, Contact-Search, 4-day Weather Forecast, Via-Points, Avoid-Areas, and many more... Please respect that it is a Beta Version. (OSM)Map-Data may be incomplete in some areas!

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    Download BoxFaceStacker BoxFaceStacker icon

    BoxFaceStacker is a fun balance game with the simple goal to stack as many boxes as fast as possible. Boxes are calculated physically correct. Tilting the phone changes gravity. Twice the fun in the splitscreen Multiplayer mode. Submit scores in a worldwide social map highscore (Location Permission). Tag: Physics

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    Download AndWeather AndWeather icon

    AndWeather provides a 4 day weather forecast for any location on the world. It can handle both °Fahrenheit and °Celsius. It follows the KISS-design principle: Keep it simple and stupid ;) New: Weather by current location.

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    Download AndRemote - Remote Control AndRemote - Remote Control icon
    AndRemote - Remote Control

    AndRemote is a highly flexible PC Remote Control. Download the free server and get various layouts to remote control virtually any application you could remote control with mouse and keyboard. Easily remote control i.e. PowerPoint, FireFox or the Windows Media Player. Tags: Remote Control RC, VLC, iTunes, YouTube, RDP, VNC, SSH, Windows, Linux,…

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    Download Bird Live Wallpaper Bird Live Wallpaper icon
    Bird Live Wallpaper

    Watch birds flying softly on your home background and relax. Tap screen to spawn more birds. This live wallpaper has a selectable number of birds in choosable colors to make your Android experience even better. Optimized for battery usage.

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    Download AndNav2 - AdFree - Plugin AndNav2 - AdFree - Plugin icon
    AndNav2 - AdFree - Plugin

    This plugin to AndNav2 disables the Ads displayed within AndNav2. It works always with the latest version of AndNav2.

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    Download Volcano Eruption Volcano Eruption icon
    Volcano Eruption

    Volcano Eruption is a simulation application. It uses the accelerometer to dynamically adjust the eruption/lava of a volcano.

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    Download AndTournament AndTournament icon

    AndTournament is a powerful tool that can manage whole Tournaments and Ladders. Easily track the chess matches with your father, the basketball matches against your friends or your next LAN-Party! You can enable others to view all the data via WiFi in any Browser. Let the games begin!

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