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Farm Tower HD

"Great fun for all ages!" -- @droid-blog "... a good time killer ... polished and popular game." -- @DroidGamers "I won’t quit till I’ve mastered every last [level]!" -- @AndroidPIT 6 special Valentines Day Levels full of love! (Limited time only!) The animals of the Farm Tower need your help. They were endangered…

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AndNav (BETA) is a Navigation application providing NON-REALTIME(!) directions. Supports Waypoints, Satellite-Imagery, POI, Favorites, Contacts, etc... If you experience 'Force Close' please use the 'Log Collector' and send logs to support{at} Missing realtime+audible turn-by-turn? Check:

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APlay! Multiplayer Games

★ ☆ APlay! - THE FREE CONSOLE FOR YOUR POCKEY ☆ ★ APlay! is a fun collection of multiplayer minigames. Two to six players can play in the same game at the same time. Over 10 exciting multiplayer minigames provide countless hours of fun for all ages. Action, Jump 'n' Run, Racing, Reaction, Memory, Puzzles, Realtime Strategy, ... APlay! del…

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AndNav2 is a FREE + fully featured Turn-By-Turn Navigation Application. It supports Location-Lookup, POIs, Text-2-Speech Instructions, Traffic-Feeds, Contact-Search, 4-day Weather Forecast, Via-Points, Avoid-Areas, and many more... Please respect that it is a Beta Version. (OSM)Map-Data may be incomplete in some areas!

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Download VLC - AndRemote-Plugin Remote VLC - AndRemote-Plugin Remote icon
VLC - AndRemote-Plugin Remote

Remote your VLC media player with this PluginLayout for AndRemote. NOTE: Requires AndRemote to be installed! Works best over WiFi. Infos: Send e-mail for support. Tested with VLC 1.0 on Windows.

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Download AndEngine - Examples AndEngine - Examples icon
AndEngine - Examples

AndEngine is a free Open Source 2D OpenGL Game Engine for the Android platform. This application contains various Examples that showcase what developers can do with this engine. Install this to stay tuned with the progress. Join the AndEngine-Community at: Best Regards, Nicolas Gramlich

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Download BoxFaceStacker BoxFaceStacker icon

BoxFaceStacker is a fun balance game with the simple goal to stack as many boxes as fast as possible. Boxes are calculated physically correct. Tilting the phone changes gravity. Twice the fun in the splitscreen Multiplayer mode. Submit scores in a worldwide social map highscore (Location Permission). Tag: Physics

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Download AndPipes - Full AndPipes - Full icon
AndPipes - Full

The goal is to link a row of pipes before the rushing water reaches the end. Use any combination of shapes: simple straight, curved, looped over each other. Difficulty increases by level. Pipes are NOT meant to be rotated in this version... it would be too easy! Visual Guide at:

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Download AndWeather2 - Widget AndWeather2 - Widget icon
AndWeather2 - Widget

AndWeather2 - Weather Widget is a HOME-Screen widget. 4 day GoogleWeatherAPI forecast and offline icons, for reduced network-traffic. Even has weather of your current location by GPS! Add Widget directly from HOME!, has 3 Sizes (1x1, 2x1, 2x2) Does NOT work with OpenHome or aHome. This is not a JSharkey-Clone!!

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Download NightWatch NightWatch icon

NightWatch is a simple clock that automatically appears when you plug your Android phone into a charger/USB-Port. (Date/Time-Formats selectable.) With installed Text-2-Speech library, NightWatch will speak out the current time if you touch it. Fixing some bugs, causing instability (c) Gramlich & Weispfenning

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Download AndTangle - Brain Challenge AndTangle - Brain Challenge icon
AndTangle - Brain Challenge

AndTangle is a fun and brain-challenging game based on the mathematical problem of planar graphs. You will untangle unlimited graphs - consisting of nodes and connections - in a given timeframe or in freeplay-mode. Be smart, be fast, be the best in the worldwide highscore.

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Download Farm Tower Lite (Deprecated) Farm Tower Lite (Deprecated) icon
Farm Tower Lite (Deprecated)

NOTE: This version of "Farm Tower" is deprecated and has been replaced with the fully featured FREE version! This app will only redirect you to that new version! ############ Your mission is to destroy the blocks of the Farm Towers without letting the animals fall onto the ground.

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