Nicolas Gramlich

  • Dice Shuffler




    Dice Shuffler is a simple dice-shuffling tool. Shake your device to shuffle the dice. Select from various dice-faces (2,4,6,8,12,20 sides). Please send any suggestions to the developer.

  • AndTip




    AndTip is a Tip-Calculator for Android. It calculates the variable amount of tip and tax (0.25% steps) to be added on a bill in i.e. a restaurant. It can calculate the share between one to twenty persons. Now with SoftKeyboard!

  • AndWeather




    AndWeather provides a 4 day weather forecast for any location on the world. It can handle both °Fahrenheit and °Celsius. It follows the KISS-design principle: Keep it simple and stupid ;) New: Weather by current location.

  • AndPipes - Full




    The goal is to link a row of pipes before the rushing water reaches the end. Use any combination of shapes: simple straight, curved, looped over each other. Difficulty increases by level. Pipes are NOT meant to be rotated in this version... it would be too easy! Visual Guide at:...

  • AndSudoku - Full




    AndSudoku is a Sudoku puzzle-game for Android. The goal is to fill all fields with numbers from 1 to 9 in an order that every row and every column contains each of the numbers only once. Also every 3x3 SubBox may contain every number just once. Workout your brain :) .

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