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Simple Escape Game

You are trapped in a room. You need to escape from a room by your brav...

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Airport Escape Game

You are trapped in an airport. You need to escape from an airport by y...

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Make Crepes

Bunny open a crepe shop. Let's make crepes for customers. *** h...

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Download 漢字ドリル 漢字ドリル icon


【アプリ説明】 漢字ドリルは小学生用の漢字学習アプリです。 やり方は簡単。 漢字が表示されるので、読み方を入力するだけ。 小学生で...

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Make Juice

*** description *** You open a juice shop. Let's make juice for...

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Make Cupcakes

*** description *** You open a cupcakes shop. Let's make cupcake...

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Make Snow cones

*** description *** You open a snow cone shop. Let's make snow c...

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Make Ice Creams

*** description *** You open an ice cream shop. Let's make ice cr...

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Make Pizza

*** description *** You open a pizza shop. Let's make pizza for...

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【アプリ説明】 漢字ドリル2は中学生用の漢字学習アプリです。 やり方は簡単。 漢字が表示されるので、読み方を入力するだけ。 中学生で習う漢...

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