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Nighttime Lab

  • Cigarette Smoke Simulator Free




    If you want to smoke but cannot smoke at particular place legally. If you don't like your health being damaged. If you are trying to quit but psychological addiction draws you back. The solution is here! Try out this free smoking simulator game now! Choose cigarette or cigar, blow to the...

  • Amazing 3D Brick




    Simply amazing and fun! You play as a (amazing) white brick in a colorful world around you. Jump your way through the black brick obstacles and experience the stylish minimalistic 3D graphics and catchy game play. Reach the ultimate high score and be the top player!

  • Farm Milk Day




    Make your self some milk today, for free! Prepare for endless hours of fun and entertainment! How to play: - Milk the cow as fast as you can! - Sell the milk and use the money to buy upgrades and milk the cow even faster! - Be the largest farm in the world! Farm Milk Day seemingly endless...

  • Amazing Block




    Get your brick as high as you can in this fun and challenging block game. Dive through spaces in the lines and avoid other bricks. More walls you pass more score you get. After each color change you will get more score for each line crossed. Compete with your friends online via google play...

  • Hypno Toad Game




    Rotate your device together with the movement of the Hypno Toad and let it hypnotize you! Don't let the Hypno Toad rotate to far from your devices angle and do this for as long as you can. Compare the results online with the whole world or your friends via Google Play Games Leaderboards! Try...

  • Selfie Scary Prank




    Convince your friends to take a selfie and let the prank do it's work. 1) When app starts a button will pop up, which will change view from back camera to the front camera. 2) Then take photo button will will start the count down when clicked: Ready?....3.....2..... and then scary faces will...

  • 10 Ballz Survive




    Drop the balls through spaces between lines to earn points. Try to keep at least one ball in the screen. As game progresses lines will move up more quickly. Sometimes you will get additional balls. Compete with your friends online via Google Play Leaderboards. Features: ★ Leaderboards ★ Physics...

  • The Ball Drop Free




    Drop the ball through spaces between lines to earn points. Don't let the ball get off screen at the top. As game progresses lines will move up more quickly. Compete with your friends online via Google Play Leaderboards. Features: ★ Leaderboards ★ Physics by Box2D Good luck and have fun!

  • Don't Lose the Line




    Fun casual game, you can play it a single finger! Simple and elegant graphics. Drag to move the dot, you must drag dots to stay in the line. It is also a simple game, but hard to master. The more play the better skill you will get. The line moves fast so you must be careful. After a play you can...

  • Stay In The White Line




    Addictive easy to learn hard to master game! Move the dot with your finger to stay in the white line. Don't lose your reaction and the speed of fingers because the white line moves fast! Break the records and compete with your friends online via Google Play Games leaderboards! Try it now!

  • Bunny Money




    Meet the bunny and collect his money! One of the most challenging puzzles out there! Bunny Money is a lights out type of puzzle game with fun and challenging 99 levels that will get you hooked for days! Play on timed and unlimited time levels and immerse your eyes to the eye candy graphics....

  • Candy Blaze




    If you are a big fan of those fruit slicing games, but want something different. If you like candies so much that you want them smashed into pieces. Wander no further! This game is just for you! Fun candy crushing game. Swipe across the screen to slice those candies like ninja, but don't...

  • Impossible Puzzle




    No one has solved this puzzle yet! Can you be the one? The rules are simple. Draw a continuous line that nicely crosses all walls. But one wall can only be crossed once.

  • Ghost Fingers vs Knife




    Ghostly fingers versus your knife! Tap between the ghost's fingers as fast as you can, but be careful not to stab it into the fingers! Amazing old-school cinema effect and soundtrack will put you in a very creepy and full of horror atmosphere. Compete agains others worldwide or your friends...

  • Tap To Crack The Screen




    Fun challenging game! Watch where you step, don't step anywhere but the black screen tiles and don't tap those white tiles! Try to do it as fast as possible and compete agains other players online. There are a couple of game modes: time attack and long run. Try it out now! Features:...

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