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  • Electrum Drum Machine DEMO




    Programmable drum machine. Make beats, sample sounds, record vocals, make a whole track! DEMO RESTRICTIONS: Loading / Saving patches is Disabled Saving Drumkits is disabled. Sequencer is disabled. Only 1 pattern can be programmed. Exporting is disabled ● WAV file import - Load YOUR OWN...

  • Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler




    Programmable drum machine that includes a vocal track record. Want to freestyle over a beat? Record your freestyle with your phone, get that rhyme saved before you forget it! Avoid the canned beats, make it your own with Electrum. Load custom samples. Record custom samples with your microphone....

  • Sonic Chop Sample Ripper




    Quickly chop audio samples from Music on your device and save them anywhere on your SDCARD for use in music applications. Supports MP3 and AAC. Powerful waveform display for chopping. Pan, Zoom, and fine adjust movements. Please be aware that currently Sonic Chop is designed to chop very large...

  • Electrum Pak Atmosphere




    You must have Electrum drum to use this! 600 megs of Atmospheric drone sounds and long pad samples for use in Electrum Drum Machine. Install this app, press the "install" button, and when done you can exit and uninstall this pak to save space on your phone. It copies the samples to...

  • Vintage Tripeaks




    A buttery smooth Tripeaks solitaire game with a vintage French art style. I developed this game because Tripeaks is my favorite game and I haven't found a good version of it on the Android Market, so I decided to create my own. It also includes a mode no other tripeaks game has on the...

  • Super Stripe




    A game of speed,timing, and color matching! The goal is simple: when the stripes meet in the middle, hit the corresponding color pad at the bottom to keep them moving. You get four strikes before you are out - but watch out, The longer you go, the faster the stripes will move! See how far you...

  • ReLoop Loop DAW




    A powerful Loop based DAW for Android. Timeline sample sequencer, including ability to match loop BPM to project BPM, allow you to pitch one shots and loops up and down, as well as have 3 insert FX per track with automation. Quickly make music using samples and loops, similar to Sony's ACID...

  • ReLoop Pak Dubstep




    YOU NEED TO INSTALL RELOOP TO USE THIS! ReLoop a loop based sequencer similar to Garageband! This is a sample pack for it! Unpacks samples to your SDCARD Unpack takes @4 minutes on Motorola Droid When done unpacking, uninstall this app to save space Remember you can load your own loops into...

  • Electrum Pak OneShots




    You must have Electrum Drum to use this! Sample Pak application containing about 100Megs of one shot samples which will be copied to your sdcard including: Kick Drums Snare Drums Hi Hats Fx Vox And others. Install this app, run it, click the "Install Samples to SDCARD" button. When...

  • Electrum Pak Mega Percussion




    A large amount of Percussion samples for use with Electrum Drum Machine (sold separately). Kicks, Congas, Vinyl kicks and samples, you name it, it's probably in here. All samples copyright free, packed from sample packs

  • ReLoop Pak Trance




    A giant amount of Trance beats, leads, basses, and more for use with ReLoop (sold separately). Just set your BPM to 140 and enjoy. This pak will take a LOT of space on your sdcard, around 850-900 meg. Install this Pak, press the "Install Samples" button, once it's finished...

  • ReLoop Pak House 2




    A large amount of House loops for use with ReLoop (sold separately) Mainly beats and loops (synths, etc). Repacked from, all samples are copyright free Requires about 310Meg free on your sdcard.

  • Drum Machine Live Wallpaper




    An animated drum machine Live Wallpaper for Android devices. - All screen sizes supported - Uses hardware accelerated OpenGL - easy on your CPU! - Flashing lights and sequencer - Different drum machines available, more to come

  • Electrum Pak Dubstep




    You must have Electrum Drum to use this! Sample Pak application containing about 250Megs of awesome dubstep samples, including some kick butt bass sounds! Kick Drums Hi Hats Fx Bass Percussion loops And more! Install this app, run it, click the "Install Samples to SDCARD" button....

  • Tube Tempo BPM




    Tap the screen to the beat of music to calculate it's BPM Tube Tempo gives you a retro style bright Nixie tube display! -Stability indicator -Visual tempo indicator -Tempo fine tune buttons. -Ms and Hz for programming delays and LFO's. Press reset before switching BPM's. 2.1.0 -...

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