• Go Fish

    Go Fish


    Go Fish is a card game played with a standard 52-card deck. Five cards are dealt to each player if there are three to six players. With only two players, seven cards are dealt to each. All remaining cards are placed face down in a stock pile. Players take turn to be the dealer. On your turn, ask...

  • Euchre



    Euchre is played with four players and a deck of 24 cards A to 9 in four suits. A has the highest value, 9 the lowest. However in a trump suit Jack (right bower) is the highest and another Jack of the same color (left bower) is the second highest and then A to 9. The players sitting across are...

  • Poker Lotto

    Poker Lotto


    Poker Lotto is a game simulating the playing of Poker Lotto. Poker Lotto has two ways to win, an instant win poker game and a traditional lotto draw in which lotto numbers are replaced with playing cards from a 52-card deck. You buy a Poker Lotto for $1. The lotto consists of five cards. If the...

  • Peg Solitaire Euro

    Peg Solitaire Euro


    Peg Solitaire Euro is a European version of Peg Solitaire. The board is filled with pegs except for the central hole. A player starts playing the game by jumping a peg across its adjacent peg in the same row or same column to an empty hole next to the adjacent peg. The jumped over peg is taken...

  • Royal Holdem

    Royal Holdem


    Royal Holdem is a Royal Hold’em poker game. It is similar to Texas Hold’em (HeadsUpPoker) except that it uses 20-card deck containing 10′s to Aces. Therefore Royal Hold’em has less card rankings. The card rankings from best to worst are : 1) Royal flush. AKQJ10 in any same suit, 2)Four of a kind....

  • Speed



    Speed is played with a standard 52 card deck for two players. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards before your opponent. Ace is counted either as 1 or higher than K. The game proceeds as follow. 1) Deal each player five cards. 2) Place four piles of cards face down in the middle...

  • Best Move

    Best Move


    Best Move. It is a board game consists of 5×5 squares. These squares are numbered from 1 to 24, running from left to right to east, top to bottom. The 25th square is a blank slot. The game starts by reshuffling the numbered squares. The player is to move these squares back to sequence by moving...

  • Omaha Poker

    Omaha Poker




    Omaha Poker is an Omaha hold ‘em or simply Omaha poker game. It is similar to Texas hold ‘em (please refer to HeadsUpPoker by the same developer) except that each player is dealt four cards and must make his/her best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards....

  • Calculator Finance

    Calculator Finance


    Calculator Finance turns your phone into a financial calculator. It has functions to calculate present value, future value, payment, frequency, interest rate (of ordinary annuity, annuity due, or one-time payment), effective annual interest rate, number powering, and last calculation result. User...

  • Blackjack Tournament

    Blackjack Tournament


    Blackjack Tournament simulates a blackjack tournament for four players. All players play against the house banker for 20 hands . You compete against other players to get the maximum credit to win the tournament. It starts with each player having a credit of 1000, place a bet amount. Two cards are...

  • HiLoCasino



    HiLoCasino is a casino style high low card game. The game displays three cards and the payback if the next card is higher or lower than either one of the cards. A player chooses the higher or the lower of one of the three cards. The game then displays the next card and show result if the player...

  • Red Dog Poker

    Red Dog Poker


    Red Dog Poker is a Red Dog Poker or Yablon casino card game. This game use a deck of 52 cards. Ace is counted as one. Jack, Queen, and King is counted as 11,12, and 13 respectively. The game proceeds as follow. 1.1) You play against the house dealer. 1.2) Two cards are dealt face down to you...

  • Poker Real

    Poker Real


    Poker Real is a Texas Hold'em or Texas Holdem heads up poker game for two real players. You no longer need a pack of cards, chips, and a table to play poker. With PokerReal you can play heads up poker with your friend anytime anywhere. You and your opponent will be provided with 1000 chips...

  • Six Back

    Six Back


    Six Back is a Six Back poker game. It is similar to Five Card Draw poker game except that each player is dealt six cards instead of five. During the drawing round, each player gets one less card than they discard so that everyone ends up with five cards. You plays against a robot and take turn...

  • Eights



    Eights also known as Crazy Eights, or Swedish Rummy uses a standard 52 card pack. For two players, the dealer deals seven cards to each one at a time. The remaining cards are placed face down on the table as stock, and the top card of the stock is turned face up and placed beside the stock to...

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