• Cincinnati


    Cincinnati poker plays similarly to Texas Hold'em except that each play has 5 cards on hand to combine with the 5 community cards to form the best poker hand. The game proceeds as follow:- 1) You are assigned as the “dealer” in the first hand. 2) Your opponent posts an amount of money called...

  • Solitaire Poker


    Solitaire Poker is to place cards in 5x5 squares, with each row and each column of five cards each, form 10 poker hands. Your final score is the total of the scores for your 10 poker hands. The objective of the game is to form poker hands such that you have the highest final score. The game give...

  • Blind Date


    Blind Date is a casino poker like game. A player plays against the house dealer. It is played with a deck of 20 cards consisting of A,K,Q,J,10 in four suits. A player begin the game by putting ante bet and then the dealer deal all the cards face down and then randomly flip up two cards. The play...

  • Poker Tournament


    Poker Tournament simulates a four round Texas Hold’em or Holdem poker tournament. You play against 3 robot players in each round. As the round advances the new robot players become more sophisticated. This game should help you to understand more about the game and how to win in real tournament.

  • LotteryUSAGame


    LotteryUSAGame simulates the playing of USA lottery. Playing this game will help you understand more on how to play the USA lottery.

  • Visit Thailand


    Visit Thailand should help make your visit of Thailand more enjoyable. It covers all subjects about visiting Thailand. For each subject it starts an appropriate webpage to provide the details. To use this application, the mobile phone should have access to an internet. The most important part of...

  • MasterMind


    MasterMind is a game designed to sharpen the logical thinking of a player. The game will let a player to place four pins in a row until each pin has the right color and in the right position. When the pin has the right color but wrong position, the game will give a pink mark. When the pin has...

  • Blackjack Casino


    Blackjack Casino is a casino style blackjack card game. After you place a bet, two cards are then dealt to each player, the first card of the house player is dealt face down, all other cards are dealt face up. If your two card consist of an Ace card and one of 10 or Jack, or Queen or King card,...

  • Pickem Poker


    Pickem Poker is a kind of casino card game. You either play against a video machine or a house dealer. The game is played with a standard 52 card deck and proceeds as follow. 1) You place a bet amount. 2) You will then be dealt with two face-up cards and two piles of three cards each. The top...

  • Paplu


    Paplu is an Indian Rummy game with object to form 13 cards on hand into melds which are ​three or four cards of the same rank but different suit (such as 7-7-7), or a run of three or more cards of consecutive rank in the same suit (such as 8-7-6-5 of heart). Two standard packs of cards plus two...

  • Deuce Wild Poker


    Deuce Wild Poker is a Deuce Wild video poker game. You are dealt with a hand of five cards, and then can change any or all cards hoping for better poker hand. However the deuce card acts as a wild card which can be substitute for any other card to make a better poker hand. Deuce Wild Poker will...

  • Seven Card Stud




    Seven Card Stud is a 7 Card Stud Heads Up poker game for you to play against a robot. Each player is firstly dealt three cards with the first two cards face down and the third card face up, then a fourth card face up, a fifth card face up, a sixth card face up, and a seventh final card face...

  • Heads Up Poker


    Heads Up Poker is a Texas Hold'em or Texas Holdem heads up poker game. It has a pool of 30 robot players each with different playing style and strategy. Upon starting the game the system will randomly pick a robot player as your opponent. If you don’t like the player you can change for a new...

  • Five Card Stud




    Five Card Stud is a 5 Card Stud Heads Up poker game for you to play against a robot. Each player is firstly dealt two cards with the first card face down and the second card face up, then a third card face up, a fourth card face up, a fifth card face up. Each dealing of card is followed by a...

  • Deuce To Seven




    Deuce To Seven is a Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball poker game. You plays against a robot and take turn to be the dealer. You are the dealer for the first game. The non dealer which is the opponent in the first game posts a big blind which is a forced bet amount while you as the dealer posts a...

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