• Cup Player : Smart Music Playe

    Cup Player : Smart Music Playe




    ▶ Directory based searching for music ▶ Use all features using 1 headset button ▶ Control the Player using Voice It is time to use Cup Player! - When you need Directory based searching player, because of too many files in your phone. - When you are tired to take off the gloves. - When you are...

  • How Much Do I Earn?

    How Much Do I Earn?




    ▶ Count what I earned in real time ▶ Provide Widget feature ▶ Show me the money!! Every few seconds, 'How Much Do I Earn' shows earning moneyin real time. Also, it provides Widget. So, you don't need to run App for everytime. When you are tired of the job, bored. Watch your money...

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