Nisavac Wallpapers

  • What's the Word 2

    What's the Word 2




    Get your mind ready for the most popular and addictive free word game that will never stop entertaining you! Whats the Word 2 – 4 pictures, 1 word is here for all fans of brain teasers, puzzle games or word association games who are willing to exercise their brain and have lots of fun at the same...

  • Fishing Wallpapers

    Fishing Wallpapers




    Prepare your fishing equipment! Choose your technique for catching the fish! Hand gathering or netting? Spearing or trapping? It is up to you! Numerous fishing wallpapers are available for your screen. Choose your favorite one and feel free to change it whenever you wish. Get ready to cast your...

  • Combo Pics - 2 Pics 1 Word

    Combo Pics - 2 Pics 1 Word




    ★ Combo Pics - Two Pics One Word ★ FREE - For all fans of picture quizzes, What's the Word games or logo games here comes a new must have app that offers tons of fun and entertainment for users of all ages! A perfect blend of easy and tricky mind puzzles: guess the words that two pics...

  • The Pic Game

    The Pic Game




    What the Pic? Word Puzzle Game Reveal the picture and guess the word! Check out ★What the Pic?★ a new word puzzle game based on the elements of 4 Pics 1 Word and What's the Word - the most addictive brain teasers that everyone's crazy about! The best photo quiz trivia. Reveal the pieces...

  • 5.0
    Little Riddles – Brain Teaser

    Little Riddles – Brain Teaser




    Advance through the levels by guessing the riddles

  • Celebrities Fun Challenge

    Celebrities Fun Challenge




    Attention all the fans of celebrity games! Get Celebrities Fun Challenge Free, the best quiz app, and have fun watching celeb pictures and trying to guess the celebrity! You think you know all the famous movie actors, singers and TV personalities? Download this fun quiz game and prove how good...

  • Pink Wallpapers

    Pink Wallpapers




    Who adores pink? Complete your pink world with your favorite color wallpapers! This color of love and tenderness will pretty up your phone screen! Numerous shades of this color are available for you! Enjoy changing them and let this lovely color spread all over around! - Easy-to-browse...

  • Fashion Wallpapers

    Fashion Wallpapers




    Wallpapers for all girls who keep up with the latest fashion! Your phone is a model now and you are a fashion designer! The wallpapers will provide you with tones of dresses and high heels! Fashionable accessories and makeup are as well included! Come on girls, let’s have some fun because only...

  • Vintage Wallpapers

    Vintage Wallpapers




    Dress up your phone the most beautiful retro attire! Various old-fashioned vintage patterns will not leave you indifferent. Decorate the screen with the amazing vignettes. Choose the design you like most and turn your phone into the retro style with the Vintage Wallpapers! Stay unique and keep...

  • Motorbike Wallpapers

    Motorbike Wallpapers




    Let the tires burn! If motorbikes are your truly love, the Bikes Wallpapers will suit you best! Download it for free and get different motorbike backgrounds that will take a breath to every passionate rider! Pick the most powerful one and let the adrenaline pump! -Easy-to-browse interface...

  • Horror Wallpapers

    Horror Wallpapers




    Horror Wallpapers enables you to find the perfect background with various motives from scary movies. Look through different pictures and pick the one you find best for your phone. Make changes to the size or its look and you'll get your terror wallpaper! - Easy-to-browse interface enables...

  • Fire Wallpapers

    Fire Wallpapers




    Choose your favorite “fire wallpaper”, watch the fire on your screen and make your phone look powerful! Numerous backgrounds for those who are fascinated with the fire flame! Keep turning the heat up whenever you want! Download your Fire Wallpapers and make it burn! - Easy-to-browse interface...

  • Fantasy Wallpapers

    Fantasy Wallpapers




    Feel the magic with a lot of “fantasy wallpapers”! Wonderful colors that fantasy world hides will spread all over your screen! Choose your own imaginary background and feel free to replace it with another one whenever you want! A magic stick is finally in your hands! Cast a spell on your screen!...

  • Lightning Wallpapers

    Lightning Wallpapers




    Let the “lightning strike” on your screen! Select the most amazing lightning show for your phone! Enjoy various lightning lights! Keep changing your background by choosing it from the wide range of breathtaking Lightning Wallpapers. - Easy-to-browse interface enables you to find the desired...

  • Surfing Wallpapers

    Surfing Wallpapers




    Surfboard? Checked! Surf on the face of a wave with the surfing wallpapers! Choose the most amazing surfing maneuver as your wallpaper. The cut-back or the re-entry? Only you can choose! Feel the power of huge waves right on your screen! Have fun and catch your wave! -Easy-to-browse interface...

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