Nizomjon Palvanov

  • Lern To Draw


    With ready sketches you get to learn to draw fast and easy. This app is the most needed app for beginners. Even if you have a child this is the best app to start with. New updates for new sketches are coming soon.

  • Alphabet


    This is a small sized Free Alphabet application, with voices of each letter. The app is especially designed for children to learn alphabet with pronunciation. For the upcoming updates there are going to be numbers, animals, fruits and vegetables and so on,, just stick with the app.

  • Fruit Breaker


    A very classic fruit hitter game with amazing game-play! It's very challenging and practice reaction speed. Destroy the fruits by hitting fruits, try to use game props to make more combos!

  • Fatty Run: Run Run


    Exciting Fantastic Infinitive Clash of runner game. Overcome the challenging moments of the game. Fatty handsome boy runs over the full 360 Camera hills and collects golden shiny coins.

  • Buggy Smash


    This game is definitely what you're looking for. You got to smash the beetles, smack them up, crush it and scream like the boss of clash. You know what am saaing.... This is really a cool game and it may be sometimes the hardest game to play , so that it keeps you on and on all the way...

  • Alien Hive: Shoot Them Up


    Free exciting wave shooter game. Alien Hive escape, the galaxy peace patrol have suddenly fell in the alien isolation area, and tried to alien escape and caught in the hive of aliens. Alien play with him tried to kill him. But he did not find his grave in that galaxy, instead he became a...

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