• Optimal Radio Alarm Clock




    Radio Alarm Clock 2 -the Successor of Radio Alarm Clock- ★ Thousands of world-wide radio stations ★ Tune in and Listen to your favorite radio station ★ Stock-Like Visuals (Jelly Bean Style like 4.2, 4.3) ★ Use alarm clock and radio for free - or Upgrade premium ★ Use Web Radio as your alarm ★...

  • Fan Pocket Fan




    Virtual Fan, Pocket Fan, Cooling Fan -Virtual Air Cooling- Get a cool feeling! Enjoy the air blowing from this fan through your head (sort of)! This fan app offers a simulated, virtual fan with 3-speed fan technology. It features fan depicturing, fan and air stream sounds, which will calm and...

  • Radio Alarm Clock AtomaRadio




    Radio Alarm Clock AtomaRadio Beta --- Simple Internet Radio Alarm Clock in short: * 100s radio stations with music, informations and more * 2 wake times (radio, buzzer) * Internet Radio with Favorites * adjustable brightness * adjustable modes for wireless connections on sleep and on wake...

  • Super Prank Pal Shocker




    Super Prank Muck Around And Shock Your Pals Prank your friends with this app as never before. Recommend this app as install to a pal - and something unexpected may happen! Great app that delivers a very special prank like no other app. Especially for friends that like to muck around their...

  • Talk To The Hand




    Someone needs somebody to talk to and you are this pitiful somebody? Let 'em simply talk to the hand! The Hand is very empathic and interested and will consent to anything. You talk to Apple Siri on an iPhone or to Alicoid on an Android, but the never agree to you, but always misunderstand...

  • Better Bored (Mini Games)




    Better Bored ---- Better Bored is an app for bored people. If, at the moment, you say "I am bored, so totally bored, that boredom is the core of my being", then this app may change your boredom into happiness. It should brake their boredom and enlighten your live. It consists of funny...

  • Toilet Paper




    Toilet Paper toiletpaper Simulates a piece of toilet paper (aka bog paper) Take your phone, drag it from the bottom up - you probably know where you have to do it - and... voila, you wiped and cleaned your ass, your bum, your butt, your rear, your behind, your lower backside, your bum -...

  • Scrollable News Widget AtomaRS




    AtomaRSS News Reader App Widget Highy Configurable Google Reader / RSS / ATOM - News Reader App Widget for your homescreen Please manually refresh widgets that stay empty after update for instant results - or try the new features If something doesn't work, please report over...

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