Noodlecake Studios Inc

  • 8.5





    Don't die alone in the cold depths of space: tie yourselves together and fly into the sun as a team

  • 8.1

    Random Heroes 2




    Defeat the aliens and save the world in this retro sidescroller

  • 7.0





    A colorful puzzle game which explodes when it's completed

  • Beatdown!




    Wrongfully dismissed from his job, the hero is on a war path to take down anyone who gets in his way of giving the CEO a much needed beatdown! Inspired by the classic beat-em up genre; get ready for BEATDOWN! The game features: - 20 Levels - Endless mode - 5 Bosses - 5 Environments - 30...

  • Random Heroes 3




    Alien scum are invading earth one last time! A group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world once and for all! From the creators of League of Evil and Devious Dungeon comes Ravenous Games' newest title: Random Heroes 3! FEATURES - Refined gameplay - Over 75 levels - Over 25 weapons...

  • 7.5

    Another Case Solved




    Become a great detective and solve every case you're asked to

  • 7.3

    Gravity Duck




    Collect all the golden eggs as a duck that can reverse gravity

  • 8.3





    Tilt your phone to try to get from one hexagon to another and finish with a high score

  • 7.0

    Zombie Road Trip




    A racing game

  • Highrise Word Heroes




    ****WE HAD A CRASHING ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN FIXED. PLEASE UPDATE AND LET US KNOW IF ISSUES PERSIST. THANKS!**** The towering word-game that fits in your pocket! Following a sudden earthquake, Seb must escape a crumbling skyscraper. Along the way he will make some intriguing new friends, and...

  • Glorkian Warrior




    Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork is a collaboration between Eisner Award winning cartoonist James Kochalka and indie game studio Pixeljam, makers of the prehistorically epic DINO RUN! It's a goofy mashup of Galaga-style shoot-em-up, simple platforming action, and Saturday morning...

  • Joinz




    Joinz is a clever block sliding puzzle game that is easy to play, nice to look at but tricky to master. You will be coming back again and again to try and beat your high score or top your friends on the leaderboard. Contains no in app purchases or ads! Joinz is an endless puzzle game where you...

  • Buzz Killem




    ****COIN CLONER 50% OFF FOR LAUNCH WEEK! ONLY 99 CENTS**** THEY CAME IN PEACE. THEY'LL LEAVE IN PIECES. Brought to you by the creators of the hit game Bill Killem! Buzz Killem is the story of a retired War Veteran called back into action after an Alien welcoming party greets Earth. And he...

  • 8.7

    Mikey Boots




    Run, jump, slide and hook in this action-paced platformer

  • Wave Wave




    Wave Wave has been Rebuilt from the ground up with all new enhanced visuals and game play! Get ready to rediscover the game. Wave up and down to avoid the gauntlet of triangles. Hectic. Extreme. Addictive. Racing. Tumultuous. Blitzing. Electric. Anaerobic. Treacherous. Wave Wave was selected...

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