Nordisk Film Interactive

  • Seal Force




    2nd Highest Rated iPhone Game of Q4 2011 !!! – according to Quality Index The entire ocean is counting on you to help defeat the evil krill mastermind Krillian from poisoning the sea ! "I could easily see Seal Force as a Saturday morning cartoon. From the 80's or otherwise. The game...

  • Anti Boredom




    PS Vita Anti Boredom is an experiment which aims to reduce the collective level of boredom in the Nordic region. To do this you could use our new PS Vita, but we need more tips and tricks to really make the Nordic region a more fun place to live. That's why we want to gather videos from you...

  • 5.0

    The Marbians




    Help the Marblians get home and collect all the Blue Moon Rocks

  • The Marbians - Full Game




    ★★★ 500.000 DOWNLOADS! 500.000 PEOPLE ADDICTED TO SAVING THE MARBIANS CAN'T BE WRONG! ★★★ The Marbians have crash landed in Roswell New Mexico and need your help to get them home in this retro, marble-themed puzzler. Fling and Flick the marble-encased aliens through 72 puzzling levels to...

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