• Bookmarks on Wear


    'Bookmarks on Wear' makes your bookmarks available on your Android Wear device: Setup is very simple: 1. Bookmark URLs in your Android browser 2. Select which bookmarks to show on Wear 3. Launch a bookmark on your Wear device The possibilities are endless: - Turn lights on/off -...

  • Korfbal




    Alle informatie over Belgische korfbalclubs, wedstrijden en locaties in één handige app. * Details van alle korfbalclubs: - Overzicht van de komende wedstrijden deze week - Wedstrijduitslagen en klassementen van alle reeksen (senioren en jeugd) - Contactgegevens * Kaart met alle korfballocaties...

  • Twunch




    The Twunch Android application lists upcoming Twunches. It shows the date, time, location and participants of each Twunch. You can join a twunch from within the application and find the Twunch location on a map.

  • QuickWatch your XBMC TV shows




    QuickWatch tells you which episode of a TV show to watch next on your XBMC. It groups/sorts all TV shows in the following categories: - Episodes that you started watching but did not finish yet. - New episodes of TV shows where you already started watching a season (S0xE0y). - First episodes of...

  • Random App




    Are you feeling lucky? Do you have too many apps installed and you don't want to go through them one by one to decide which ones to keep or delete? This app will launch a randomly chosen app on your device. Afterwards you can decide what to do with the app.

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