NTT Studios Ltd

  • Bob's Island Odyssey Lite




    Bob The Pirate is back in his next Adventure! His no-good brother, Burt, has stolen all of Bob's Treasures. Now Bob wants them all back! Explore the Islands to get Bob's treasure back! Tap the screen to make Bob jump (you can double tap to jump higher), and avoid the snakes, crocodiles...

  • Up In The Arrr! Full




    Arrr me Hearties! Bob the Pirate wants to jump ship! How far can you make him jump? Bob can be an Astronaut! Use Boosts, High Flyer bonuses, Bob's extras and the multiple Hidden Bonuses to get a maximum score! Bonuses available in the game... 1. High Flyer Bonus - 500,000 2. Super High...

  • Up In The Arrr! Demo




    Arrr Me Hearties! Bob the Pirate wants to jump ship. How far can you make him jump? Select Bob's speed/angle, then tap the plank to make Bob fly! NOW YOU HAVE 3 BOOSTS TO FLY EXTRA FAR! The FULL version has multiple Boosts/High Flyer bonuses and Hidden Features, including the 50,000,000...

  • Up In The Arrr! 2 Lite




    Pirate Bob is back! Play the first Island of his next adventure! 6 different minigames to master! Minigames include Quad Bike, Beach Ball, Hang Glider and others! Find the hidden bonus on each! The full version has 6 Islands! Try it now! 'Great fun. Great game to pass the time! Loads of...

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