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Black Light App

Marvel at the wonderful, Warm, Deep Purple of this Black Light app. Press the screen to turn on the Black Light Bulbs and enjoy the glow of the black light. This black Light App is only for fun and doesn't produce real black light, it mimics the color of a black light.

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Download UV Light App UV Light App icon
UV Light App

Marvel at the wonderful, Warm, Deep Purple of this UV Light app. Press the screen to turn on the UV Bulbs and enjoy the Ultraviolet glow. This UV Light App is only for fun and doesn't produce real UV light, it only mimics the color of a UV light.

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Download Cracked Screen Wallpaper Cracked Screen Wallpaper icon
Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Cracked Screen Wallpaper! This cracked screen prank app will make it look like your phones screen has broken. It will trick your friends in to thinking they have cracked your screen!

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Download Wifi Speed Test Wifi Speed Test icon
Wifi Speed Test

Is your phone or tablets Wifi running slow? Wifi Speed Test can tell you the speed at which your device is currently connected to your router as well as tell you your phones or tablets: IP address on the Wifi network. The Wifi signal strength. This app will help you diagnose Wifi connection problems.

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Download Shake To Fart Shake To Fart icon
Shake To Fart

Shake your phone to hear it fart! Try it in your pocket! Start Shake To Fart, press the screen off button, place your phone on your desk and ask some one to pass you your phone! Shake To Fart works by detecting movement with your phones accelerometer, if it detects movement it will play a random fart sound! Or just press the fart now button to m…

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Download Flashlight App Flashlight App icon
Flashlight App

Flashlight App, a simple to use free app! Simple LED Flashlight delivers the easiest to use flashlight experience. The only flashlight app you'll ever need, easy to use, simple aesthetic, incredibly effective LED.

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Download Bottle Toss Bottle Toss icon
Bottle Toss

Enjoy the sound of broken glass? Enjoy the stress relief when you smash something? Then download Bottle Toss! See how far you can throw and smash a bottle and compete against your friends. Remember to turn up your media volume!

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Download Kitten Wallpaper Kitten Wallpaper icon
Kitten Wallpaper

Love cute little kittens? Then you will love these kitten wallpapers for your phone. The kitten wallpapers app has lots of photos of kittens to make your phones home screen adorable. Choose a photo you like Adjust the image to fit your phones screen Set it as the wallpaper! You can also save the photo directly to your phone gallery and view info…

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Download Canvas King Canvas King icon
Canvas King

Paint your house with out buying any paint! Canvas King allows you to use your phone to preview what a room in your house would look like with a different colour on the walls. Choose a colour from the colour menu and use your finger or a predetermined shape to paint the wall. With canvas King you can: Take a photo of a room Choose a photo from…

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Download Fruit Fill Fruit Fill icon
Fruit Fill

Fruit Fill! Fruit frenzy! Banana bonanza! Fruit Fill is the addictive new puzzle game from Nugget Games, the aim of the game is to fill the screen with a single fruit, starting at the top left, choose a fruit that touches the top left fruit from the selection panel at the bottom and work from there. 3 different difficulty settings with seperate…

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