Nugget Games

  • Strobe Light App

    Strobe Light App


    This strobe light app allows you to set the speed at which the camera flash LED flashes, if the app cant find a flash LED, it will automatically flash the screen at the set speed instead. Great for parties, Halloween or any other occasion you might need a powerful strobe light. Please leave...

  • Wifi Speed Test

    Wifi Speed Test




    Is your phone or tablets Wifi running slow? Wifi Speed Test can tell you the speed at which your device is currently connected to your router as well as tell you your phones or tablets: IP address on the Wifi network. The Wifi signal strength. This app will help you diagnose Wifi connection...

  • Scare Your Friends HD

    Scare Your Friends HD




    Scare Your Friends HD The purpose of this app is to scare the living crap out of your friends. THE best app to scare your friends. Easy to use. Amazingly effective. Two modes; REACTION TIMER: Launches a fake game that you can pass to your victim, upon the first move of the game, the scream...

  • Pocket Heater

    Pocket Heater




    Feeling Cold? Has this long winter given you the chills? Are you unable to knit a nice warm scarf? Well GOOD NEWS! You can now carry an electric heater around in your pocket! (but please remember to turn it off!) YES! A pocket heater to keep yourself warm and cosy right on your mobile device!...

  • Cracked Screen Wallpaper

    Cracked Screen Wallpaper




    Cracked Screen Wallpaper! This cracked screen prank app will make it look like your phones screen has broken. It will trick your friends in to thinking they have cracked your screen!

  • Bottle Toss

    Bottle Toss




    Enjoy the sound of broken glass? Enjoy the stress relief when you smash something? Then download Bottle Toss! See how far you can throw and smash a bottle and compete against your friends. Remember to turn up your media volume!

  • Love calculator

    Love calculator




    Do you want to know the chances of getting together with that special person you like or are in love with? Have you got a crush on someone and you want to know if they might have a crush on you? Then try out Love Calculator! With this app you enter 2 peoples names and press calculate love, the...

  • UV Light App

    UV Light App




    Marvel at the wonderful, Warm, Deep Purple of this UV Light app. Press the screen to turn on the UV Bulbs and enjoy the Ultraviolet glow. Shine the light on objects and Watch them glow with UV. This UV Light App is only for fun and doesn't produce real UV light.

  • Black Light App

    Black Light App




    Marvel at the wonderful, Warm, Deep Purple of this Black Light app. Press the screen to turn on the Black Light Bulbs and enjoy the glow of the black light. Shine the light on objects and Watch them glow in the black light. Follow us on Twitter @nuggetgames to get latest news. This black...

  • Flashlight App (No adverts)

    Flashlight App (No adverts)




    Flashlight App is the brightest flashlight app there is, not only is it FREE it also contains NO adverts! Super-Bright simple LED Flashlight delivers the very brightest and easiest to use flashlight experience The only flashlight app you'll ever need, easy to use, simple aesthetic, incredibly...

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