Nupoor Ashish Singla

  • Learn Idioms




    Learn Idioms helps to learn Generally Used English Idioms over a period of time. The application provides new Idioms to learn everyday. Think, if you learn 5 Idioms a day and start using them in your communication (both verbal & written) - the impact it will generate on your communication,...

  • Shreya Finance Manager




    Shreya Finance Manager is an application to record Personal Income, Expenses, Budgeting etc. It supports Multiple Accounts to record various Expenses and Incomes, Budgeting, Reporting. User can record expense in various categories, attach pictures and do record details for the expense. He/She...

  • Ghar Kharch - Expense Manager




    Ghar Kharch is a lightweight expense manager which helps in recording home expenses and income using simple and user friendly screens. It provides various ways to search data, backup and to restore it. It has predefined categories to update expenses. Similarly, it has predefined income sources...

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