• Feed Me Sushi




    Simple addictive game. Just feed sushi to the mouse as fast as you can. Fly will block you and other items also. You have to dodge those things.

  • Surfing Boy




    Show us your surfing skill! Give him a right speed and jump at the right moment. Show us how fast you can reach to the end line. Be the best Surfer!

  • Surfing Girl




    Fun and very addictive running/jumping action game. One of the greatest surfing games. A girl is surfing on board and jump to take the wave and dodge other things on wave. Speed up and jump at right time! Don't get angry when you hit by wave. Don't forget you always can jump!

  • Car Racing




    *Crazy and addictive car racing game* You're driving racing car on high way. Dodge all cars and polices. See how far you can go. Click on left and right to change the lane.

  • Mobile Dropbox over WIFI




    Do you want to copy your pictures and files in and out of your phone without any wire? Here's a great tool to do that. This is FTP server working over WIFI. You don't have to bring your usb cable any more. Just connect to WIFI and open this app to turn on FTP. Type shown address into...

  • Zoo Tower




    Stack zoo animals as high as possible! Drag the zoo animal from the sky with chopstick and stack on the ground. Balance tower while stacking it. (Tilt to left and right...) Try to break your own record and also compete with other players on ranking table.

  • Butcher Bird




    A bird is trying to escape a butcher shop. Help him to go through as far as possible. Go up and down to dodge things. Taking fruits in the middle helps you to gain back the energy.

  • Yoga Poses & Music




    Follow yoga while listening to comforting sounds. Cartoon photos make it easy to follow each yoga pose. It's changing the pose automatically. You can change comforting sound and background picture from setting menu. You can even use it to get nap while listening to good calm sounds such...

  • WIFI LiveCAM




    Why would you buy extra CAM or baby monitor when you have a smart phone? This is perfect app to see something live on web browser while you're recording stuff with your smart phone or tablet. All you need to do is connect smart phone to the wifi and start recording button on this app. You can...

  • Shadow Running




    You're riding horse and do the race with the dog, cheetah, horse and bird. Jump at the right time to dodge obstacles otherwise, you will be slowed down and other racers are getting faster.

  • Feed Me Sushi 2




    This is version 2 of Feed Me Shushi. Instead of using chopsticks, this time you can throw sushi to the mouth. Be careful the flying insects in the middle.

  • BottleShooting 2




    Here's a good game to unleash your stress. Shoot bottles that are thrown in. Somebody keeps throwing bottles for you and you can shoot those bottles by clicking on touch screen. You can choose to play with specific types of bottles or bottle can. If you choose the gaming button, you're...

  • Rapunzel Tower




    Price knight is trying to climb up tower to save Rapunzel. Help him to go up safe. Dodge all kinds of obstacles on the tower by tilting left and right. Don't tilt too much other wise he will fall. Touch the screen to speed up.

  • Shoot the ball in the air




    Dodge the ball and shoot it! Ball becomes two smaller balls when it's hit until it becomes very small. The more balls bouncing around you, the more difficult to dodge so you need strategy not just keep shooting them. The bomb ball gives every ball a shot all at once. Ice ball gives you...

  • Crab Fishing




    Let's fish the crab. Touch on crab to get it. Don't touch other shell or others. Try to get more crabs within the time.

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