Nutty Apps

  • Princess Makeup & Makeover Spa




    Dressup yourself in the dresses of your dreams, along with Makeover, Makeup and Spa Salon. Start with the Spa Salon where you get amazing treatments just like a princess, try on different magical masks, creams and much more which will make your skin glow like a star. Select from various makeup...

  • Tattoo Maker




    Time for some cool and funky tattoos. Become the tattoos tycoon in Tattoo Maker. The top notch game that will leave you amazed. Tattoos that make you look like stars. Now become the trendiest guy or girl and show off your ultimate tattoos. Own your shop and become the tattoo master. Show off...

  • Mommy's Beauty Salon




    Mommy Clara is always taking care of her newborn baby. She makes sure her little baby is well fed, pampered with love, looks sweet, and lives the luxury life. Why not, for a change you start taking of mommy? She is sure to feel amazing once you start doing so! Just imagine, you become mommy’s...

  • Country Fashion Boutique




    Howdy pardner! Welcome to Country dressup boutique! The spa salon where cowgirls enter the fashion world to meet fashion designers like you! Take your little pony to the luxury country fashion fair and show off your unique style during the winter holidays. These girl games are sure to fulfill...

  • Princess Tailor Boutique




    Princess Tailor Boutique - Christmas Addition is Here!!! The King has announced the Ball Room Dance to be held in a few days, where the princess will choose her prince charming. As the prince from all around the world start to arrive the princess is getting nervous and wants to look the best. As...

  • Nail Doctor Salon - Kids Games




    Welcome to the nail doctors office where it’s all about manicure pedicure perfection! The perfect girl game for everyone who loves making their nails look pretty as anything. Kick start your nail salon adventure at the cute nail spa where you can go wild with nail art, manicure pedicure, and...

  • Little Pony Makeover Kids Game




    The Fairyland is full with little ponies ! Most of the time they get dirty while playing around. So its upto you kids to assist the fairy maid and give these little ones a lovely bath! After that you can also be privileged to give them a nice makeover! Ponies are conscious about fashion you know!...

  • Newborn Pony Pet Care




    Giddy up kids! Let’s head over to the luxury makeover vet! Make your pet pony neigh with glee! Just imagine taking your cute little pony to a Greek luxury salon where you can spoil them at the spa, give them an amazing dressup experience, do makeup, and even give them tattoos to make them look...

  • Kids Tailor




    When it comes to fashion design, there are no limits. You can be the fashion star by giving makeovers, being a baby tailor to create the ultimate in fashion dressup, and just take it away with kids fashion! With kids tailor boutique you will be knitting away in frenzy to make the maximum dresses...

  • Little Tailor




    Become a fashion designer, star of your dreams. Are you ready to become stylist ? There is a party at school in few days and the kids need their dresses to be ready before the party. Would you help these kids, there is chance for you to become the Stylist of your Dreams! It's time to get...

  • Princess Fashion Design Mania




    Become part of the fashion world in your winter holidays! Dress up the princesses in dresses, scarves, shoes, hats, and jewelry at the fashion boutique! Help the princesses relax at the luxury spa salon, after which you can give them a winter holidays makeover at the makeup salon! With so many...

  • Little Princess Tailor Dressup




    Hey Kids! It’s Makeover time again! Our Little Princess Tailor Dressup Boutique is all ready to makeup a beauty star! Since the Princess lives far away in a magical land it is up to you to design a dress and complete her beauty makeover. Do you have what it takes to be a fashion designer? If yes...

  • Doctor's Office




    Kids Love “Doctors Office”, that’s why we bought you all new enhancements and treatments. Ouch! The kids are sick. What should we do? Let's be a doctor and help these little kids recover instantly. Prove yourself to be an amazing Doctor, cure your little patients and help them recover...

  • Geek Princess Wax Spa Salon




    Hair can be quite troublesome, which is why a spa wax experience full of care is something a girl cannot miss. Indulge yourself in amazing beauty treatments, hair care, ultimate fashion dressup, and glamorous makeup for the ultimate makeover! It’s sure to turn any geeky pinky girl into a chic...

  • Ice Candy Maker




    Kids just love Popsicle and ice candy making Hey Popsicle and Ice Pop lovers! Get ready to unleash your creativity and create ice candy of your dreams. Refresh yourself with nice cold juicy yummy ice pop candy. Learn how you can make it at home! Crush some fruit and ice. Mix it, shake it,...

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