• كتب مناهج اليمن Yemen Books




    This app allows you to read pdf books for Yemen ministry of education. You can: 1- choose your grade level 2- download the books 3- resume incomplete downloads 4-delete corrupt files 5- Decompress rar files 6- open pdf files 7- search book 8- add annotations and save changes 9- save an image with...

  • Shamela books Library




    The Shamela library is a great library for students. This application should work on all android devices This application will allow you to do the following: 1- advanced search parameters on thousands of books, categories or specific lists Search is performed in parallel threads using...

  • Hadith Library




    After looking at some of the applications available for Android devices, I decided with the help of some of the brothers to bring this application as the first step to a huge library that fits in your pocket. This application is still under improvement, please pardon the colors and design....

  • Yemen Data




    The application allows to search a database of Yemen's sensus data to locate people's villages and cities by using the family name.

  • Basic Math Problems


    Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Enter numbers before and after a number between 1 and 100.

  • Yemen Media




    This Application will allow you to watch or download Yemeni music and videos. So far we only added four sections. Yemen News, Yemen TV, Yemen Music, and Yemen Nasheed. If you like it please vote and comment and we will all add more sections like travel and your favorite artists. Update: Now...

  • Yemen Maps




    Browse Yemen Maps. Click on each governorate to see a map of its sub-sections. This is version 1. Next version you will see more data about each sub section with the ability to search for a specific village. تصفح خرائط اليمن. إضغط على أي محافظة لرؤية خريطتها . هذا هو الإصدار 1. في النسخة...

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