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  • Scan Virus for Android

    Scan Virus for Android


    This application new innovative,saves time and it works. this application will help protect your android phone from viruses, trojan, malware, and other apps can be dangerous for your own personal information privacy. Feature: - Updates data auto. - Anti viruses, trojan, malware, spyware, and...

  • Simple formal dresses

    Simple formal dresses


    If you need a dress to wear in formal ceremonies, This application help you choose simple formal dresses. You can find a perfect dress for yourself in this formal dresses in simple formal dresses. Features. ★Picture can be shared in your social networks. ★Show Picture in highest quality possible...

  • MyDict





    This application is FREE offline English Dictionary and Thesaurus over 1,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms Feature: -Offline mode. -Fast as it works offline. -Easy to use interface -Word origin and history -Favorite bookmark. -Backup your bookmark. -Search history. -Full spelling...

  • How to make Salad

    How to make Salad


    If you looking for to make easy and delicious Salad ? This application has help to make all the salad recipes. Not only will you find more than 100 delicious salad recipes. This just a little taste of what you will get. - Chicken Salad - Pasta Salad - Fruit Salad - Bean Salad - Egg Salad - Greek...

  • Navigation GPS

    Navigation GPS


    This application help you get your location on the android phone and Tablet every time. Navigation GPS is free High quality detail map and have day-night driving mode. Features: - Free updates for both app and maps. - Position location shown on the map. - Fast find to location. - High quality...

  • Repair WIFI

    Repair WIFI


    If you have problem wifi signal? This application has help to repiar and restore wifi signal. This just a fast connect to your wifi in andriod phone.

  • How to lose weight quick

    How to lose weight quick


    How to lose weight quick is application help and encouragement about quick weight loss. 1.Take in fewer calories than you burn in a day. 2.If you want to lose 10 pounds in a week, you'll need to burn 5,000 calories more than you take in per day. 3.Understand that the average person burns...

  • Steak Easy

    Steak Easy


    Whether your choice is really a butter-soft fillet steak, tasty sirloin or thrifty cut like bavette or skirt, attention and care ought to be compensated when cooking your beef. With simply a couple of minutes leeway between rare and well-done, timing is essential. We have come up with some...

  • Basketball Tips and Trick

    Basketball Tips and Trick


    1. Make moves below your Knees. This will require that you bend when you make moves with the ball. Also, it will be harder for defenders to pick your pockets. 2. Work On Flexibility. The looser you are the more you’ll be able to shake defenders. You ever noticed how the herky jerky players are...

  • Simple app hide

    Simple app hide




    If you want to hide the application that you want others to see. We would recommend Simple app hide application hide it serves them personally. This application will help hide private application on your android phone and 1 click to hide app and easy to use it.

  • Remover Malware

    Remover Malware




    If you would prefer that Malware is malicious software in different ways. It will work in a manner to attack the system.Damage the system As well as internal theft, you should use the application protection. This application will help keep you safe from malware,worm,virus,trojan and malicious...

  • Recovery My App

    Recovery My App


    This help for recovery your application of android phone or tablet. Feature: - Recover application from SD card. - Recover application from phone. - Recover Deleted apps on a SD Card. - Recover Deleted apps on the phone. - backup your application. - Free 100%

  • Apps Lock

    Apps Lock




    Apps Lock is the application lock and privacy protect tool. This can lock any app,Facebook, Google+, Line, Instagram, Wechat, Gallery, Gmail, Youtube, etc. and protect your privacy with password. Feature: -Can lock any app with password. -Have widget for quick lock and unlock. -Free 100% -Hide...

  • Build your own house

    Build your own house




    Step One - The Website and Construction Fundamentals First, you're ready to get situated--literally and figuratively. Not just are you currently having your project straight in your thoughts and in writing, but you're literally siting your intended home. -Fundamental site clearing, so...

  • How to practice guitar

    How to practice guitar


    First of all you need to make certain playing the guitar is within tune. (It is best to do that before beginning an exercise session.). So continue, make certain playing the guitar is updated up and it is sounding sweet. (I've an guitar tuner which is ideal for rapidly obtaining the guitar in...

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