octahedron studios






    "Daily 3rd Place" - Newgrounds ★★★★ 4/5 Awesome game COLORUS now at GooglePlay! *!* Warning *!* Do not recommended for epileptic or colorblind people! This is innovative runner with unique control - you must pick color compared with obstacle to destroy it. Various game modes, funny...

  • Hungry Brothers

    Hungry Brothers




    Hungry Brothers – funny and easy controlled free game. This game is like any audience: adult and kids. Juicy visuals and awesome music don't let you boring not for a minute! You are surely must try this - no boring tutorials or any texts, just launch the game have a fun! Controll don't...

  • Card Football

    Card Football




    * You can play with friend on one device (hot seat)! * Known in same circles, this game could gain popularity. There are a lot of children who played in card football because rules can be master in few minutes. In future updates will be a lot of interesting features: tournaments, more detailed...

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