octahedron studios

  • My Pocket Hobo




    Now you have the chance to get your own pocket hobo. Don't think that it will be a story of success, just don't let your hobo die! All you have to do is occasionally visit him to fulfill his basic needs. Mechanics of the game are similar to the classic game Tamagotchi, where players raise...

  • My Pocket Pony




    Cute little horses (ponies) are a favourite of fans of fun cartoons about friendship. There is a possibility to customize appearance of your little ponies – color, wings and a lot of other. Rainbow visuals don't make you bored, plunge into the world of fairies and good. All you have to do is...

  • Best Game Ever




    Simple rules – just tap when squares fly above the line. This game is not trying to beat top AAA-projects. Awesome minimalistic graphics and first class music cause your addiction to the game. Don’t miss Best Game Ever!

  • Hungry Brothers




    Hungry Brothers – funny and easy controlled free game. This game is like any audience: adult and kids. Juicy visuals and awesome music don't let you boring not for a minute! You are surely must try this - no boring tutorials or any texts, just launch the game have a fun! Controll don't...

  • Card Football




    * You can play with friend on one device (hot seat)! * Known in same circles, this game could gain popularity. There are a lot of children who played in card football because rules can be master in few minutes. In future updates will be a lot of interesting features: tournaments, more detailed...

  • TwoNumbers




    ** Not another clone of 2048! ** New puzzle game about numbers. Try to get highest score by removing equal numbers. But every turn new numbers appears. You can select two odd or two even numbers to get one average numbers. Simple rules but hard to master.





    "Daily 3rd Place" - Newgrounds ★★★★ 4/5 Awesome game COLORUS now at GooglePlay! *!* Warning *!* Do not recommended for epileptic or colorblind people! This is innovative runner with unique control - you must pick color compared with obstacle to destroy it. Various game modes, funny...

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