• Police Sirens Lite




    **Contains Ads!!** *Ad-free version for $0.99 gives you more sounds to choose from.* This soundboard allows you to play police sounds from your Android device. This has sounds from police cars, ambulances and more.

  • Hear My Sneezes




    Another great soundboard by OETProductions!! This is just like its brother apps, Smell My Farts and Police Sirens, except this one is all about sneezing. You can scroll through 8 buttons that sneeze at you. This is a great prank app to get your self called of of work. Call your job tell them your...

  • Smell My Farts Ad-Free


    With this soundboard you get farting sounds. The sounds are Raspberry Fart, Frog Fart, Wet Fart, Lawn Mower Fart and more. This app is also ad free.

  • Censor (Bleep) Button




    Press the button to censor someone about to say something!! Users can now customize the length of the bleep using a seek bar we have added to our app.

  • Police Sirens Ad-free


    **(Ad-free)**With this soundboard you can play police sirens through your Android device. This Ad-free version also has more sounds than the lite version. We added 3 more sounds and soon some more. Also you can look through cool police related pictures pictures. This app is ad free.

  • Smell My Burps




    This soundboard allows you to play burp sounds through your Android device. This is the lite version. Ad supported!

  • Whoopee Cushion




    This is a whoopee cushion for your Android device!

  • Smell My Farts Lite




    This sound board allows you to play fart sounds through your Android device. If you have problems with this app check out our ad-free version.

  • Air Horn




    Play a loud air horn sound through your Android device! Click the image and your good to go!

  • Donate to OETProductions


    **(No Ads)** **(DONATION)** This app does close to nothing. You can type your name in and it will say you are rich. Thats it. Make sure you understand this before you buy. Does close to nothing. We see this app as a donation to make more apps (real ones) for our customers.

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