• OfficeTrack




    - OfficeTrack for Management and Tracking of Mobile Employees - OfficeTrack incorporates multiple cellular business solutions into a single platform, making it the ultimate tool for operating your organization. - OfficeTrack is geared at optimizing the efficiency, productivity and profitability...

  • Assistance Button




    This Assistance Button application enables you to call for assistance from your mobile device in one single click. The application enables you to define and send call-for-help messages in an emergency situation, using your mobile device. When you touch the application icon on your mobile device...

  • SMSCenter Push




    Please note: The SMSCenter Push application works with SMSCenter, the web-based message delivery system. To use the SMSCenter Push application, it is first required to open a new account in the SMSCenter system, at The SMSCenter Push application enables the organization to...

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