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Movie Quoters Soundboard

A bit of a work in process app. It is free so no worries. Look for updates to come soon for improvements! Although a work in progress the soundboard is absolutely hilarious. Sure to be a favorite!

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Download Fart Soundboard Official 2.0 Fart Soundboard Official 2.0 icon
Fart Soundboard Official 2.0

Real Recorded Fart Sounds! No more digital made up noises! ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF DIGITAL FARTS? WELL WAIT NO LONGER! This is the soundboard you have been waiting for! Introducing a real fart soundboard, that actually has real recorded farts! You and your friends will not believe the hilarious farts the were caught on record. These farts wil…

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Download Talkin Babies Talkin Babies icon
Talkin Babies

You are going to laugh harder and smile more from this app than you ever have before! Just wait til you see and hear these Talkin Babies. This app is great for all ages. From a 2 year old all the way to great grandma! Show all your friends the Talkin Babies and watch them laugh away! This could possibly be your favorite phone application.…

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Download Heavyweights Fat Camp Sounds Heavyweights Fat Camp Sounds icon
Heavyweights Fat Camp Sounds

Bring back the classic quotes with this hilarious soundboard. You and your friends will be laughing til it hurts with some of the great lines. Bring back the laughter from the fat camp no one can get enough of! The title of the quotes include 1. Skinny Winners 2. Report to the toilet 3. Very Fat I see 4. Devil Log 5. I'm feeling skinny 6. Di…

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Download Talkin Dogs Talkin Dogs icon
Talkin Dogs

A must have for all animal lovers! But especially those fond of dogs. This app takes the most popular images from a Google Images search for the word: DOGS. We then place witty sayings that it seems the dogs would say based off of the given image. "This application is so funny, my friends and I love it!" "The pictures in this appl…

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Download Betsy The Talkin' Cow Betsy The Talkin' Cow icon
Betsy The Talkin' Cow

Betsy The Talkin Cow is Hilarious! Great fun for all ages, no worries! Just wait until you hear what Betsy has to say about her life. Everyone will love her. Crack up your friends, kids, family, and even strangers with her witty sayings! You can also follow betsy on Twitter @betsytalkincow Or add her as a facebook friend. Search for Betsy…

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Download Piano 88 Key Official Piano 88 Key Official icon
Piano 88 Key Official

Are you sick of a 10 note piano? Are you sick of digital noises made in attempt to sound like a piano? This application is for you! An 88 key piano on 1 screen. The piano sounds come straight from a grand piano and onto your phone. Do you have what it takes to master this 88 key piano? Download it and have a full grand piano in the palm of y…

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Download Frank the Talkin' Tortus Frank the Talkin' Tortus icon
Frank the Talkin' Tortus

You've never heard a Tortus like this! Frank The Talkin Tortus is Hilarious! Great fun for all ages, no worries! Just wait until you hear what Frank has to say about his life. Everyone will love him. Crack up your friends, kids, family, and even strangers with his witty sayings!

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