• Emergencies (CH) - Switzerland




    The new version 3 of emergencies (CH) contains the national emergency telephone numbers, valid throughout Switzerland, it's the reason why Swiss people or tourist people on Swiss territory should have on their smartphone this application. This version has been translated into German, French,...

  • FastSleep




    Do you have trouble getting to sleep? If so, this free app is for you. To use it, just lie down in your bed and select the desired image. Let the high quality sound of natural elements take you away. It even works if you suffer from tinnitus. Available sounds *Seeside *Forest with a river...

  • Cat Toy




    You like cats or you have a cat? That application is made for you! You can play with your cat by clicking on the images.Your phone will emit the sound of cat and you can watch your cat turn around you. If you do not have a cat, you can still use the application to fool your friends (a cat is...

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