Ogoki Learning Systems Inc

  • nishnaabemdaa




    Nishnaabemdaa, takes you to the fun world of understandable Nishnaabe-language. We’ve carefully designed and produced immersion-style that you’ll be able to understand the general meaning of the words. Barbara Nolan is grateful to have survived the attempts by Canada’s Indian residential schools...

  • Yurok




    Yurok Language Tribes mission is to implement a program designed to restore the Yurok Language to the status of a living flourishing language with speakers of all levels. We would also like to thank all of the other Yurok Language speakers that went unnamed. We are eternally grateful and...

  • Kawacatoose Cree




    Learn Cree using the Kawacatoose Cree Language app. Hear the spoken word from community elders as they take you into different words and phrases. Learn Cree using over 800 spoken words and phrases.

  • Babaamosedaa Walk to the River




    Join Ben and Jenni as they walk to the river (Babaamosedaa) and find adventure along they way. This app is voiced in Ojibwe and features voices from respected Ojibwe speaking elders.

  • Arikara




    Lean the Arikara language as it was spoken over thousands of years. The Arikara Tribe is part of the Three affiliated tribes of North Dakota. The language app contains over 300 Arikara words and phases. This Native American Tribal app contains major word categories from greetings to relations....

  • Arikara Kids App




    The Arikara Kids App is a language app that helps learners with basic words and phrases from the Arikara language. The app contains 90 words and phrases and includes an easy to navigate home screen. Download the app today and learn the Arikara language.

  • Ojibway




    Learn to speak Ojibway using professional quality audio, pictures, syllabics. Learn about the history and maps of the Ojibway. Listen to the ancient languages of the Native American and First Nation people. The spoken word allows you to finally listen to common words and phrases helping you to...

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