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    Add is an an adding machine. Also: Automatically stores your last calculation so you never lose anything. Give a calculation list a name and save it. Get back to a stored calculation with ease and continue adding and changing. Label any item, delete or change it, and the total will be recalculated. Adjust for money, whole number, or any number of d…

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    Know the Musicians

    Guess who the musician in the picture is. See what bands they played with. See who else played in those bands... Free and ad free.

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    Get back to any place you have been to with ease. Never again forget where you parked your car or how long the meter has been running. Keep track of places you have been to or places where you want to be. Time yourself as you jog, bike or hike. Send a friend a map location. Pick me up: Send your location to someone, even if they don't have Spot…

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