• Bhagavad Gita




    The preachings of the Bhagavad Gita is the dialogue between Arjuna and Lord Sri Krishna. The basic message this sacred book communicates is that all humans must carry out their obligations with utmost sincerity and not in expectation of or in fear of the final outcome of their actions. The...

  • Holy Qur'an




    Quran is the book of divine guidance and direction for humanity. This App helps you browse through Quran in Arabic, Transliteration in English, and interpretations by Ahmed Ali, Ali Unal, Amatul Rahman, Pickthall and Yusuf Ali. Quran is a compilation of 114 chapters of varying lengths, each...

  • Reflex


    Test your hand - eye coordination and reflex in this simple but competitive game. Test and sharpen your reflexes with reflex tester. This fun application can test and measure your reaction times! Have fun challenging your friends and family members to see who can survive the longest! Tap on...

  • Gacchami


    Born into a life of luxury; shielded away from the sufferings of the world Buddha denounced them all to understand the meaning of life. Gachami takes you through his paths to break away from the cycles of births and rebirths, understand Karma & attain Nirvana. The way to enlightenment &...

  • SimplyFly


    Tired of waiting of flight info? Looking for precise info? We offer a flight search and track application – SimplyFly is an easy and free way to search flight information and track them in a pleasant and well-designed interface. Every airline traveller needs the latest status of their...

  • Mobile Bible




    2000 years ago, God sacrificed his son to clear the sins of mankind. During his short life on earth he endowed upon humanity the teachings to lead a better life, show compassion to fellow beings and understanding God’s role for man on earth. Barachah, Hebrew word for Blessing, aims to bring...

  • Stock Watch




    Track your Stock, ETF, Mutual Funds, Futures, and Commodities. Get detailed & real-time Prices, Gains, Values, Last Trade, % Change, Prev. Close, Open, 52 week Range, Vol., P/E. WORLDWIDE EXCHANGES SUPPORTED. Easy-to-use symbol search, live calculations of total gain on portfolio with...

  • Wallet Watch


    Wallet Watch is a complete personal financial management tool. Wallet Watch enables users to enter daily expense data and compare it with the inflow of money. The Balance Sheet provides a comparative report of Finances vis a vis income/expense/edit data. This finance management tool supports...

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