Okenko Books

  • Andie Plays Pretend


    A cute, slightly longer story for independent readers about a girl who likes to play pretend. Today she pretended to be a dog, cat, and a mouse, what shall she come up for tomorrow ? Story by Jade McBlade, illustrations by Little Pink Pebble. Published by Okenko Books (c) 2010.

  • Lizzie and the Christmas Tree


    Decorating a Christmas tree should be a peaceful family event. But when stress sets in and a cat is around it might turn into a chain of family disasters. But it has to have a happy ending, that's for sure. Story by Sally Canzoneri, illustrated by Julia Tiller. Published by Okenko Books.

  • Sip'n'Cup Throw a Bday Party


    A short, little bit absurd comic strip about two friends Sip and Cup for beginning readers (4-8yo). This time they work hard to get their birthday party ready. Story by Jitka Adeleke, illustrations by Katka Hustaty. Check out our other standalone books. Or, you can subscribe to our monthly...

  • I Think I'm a Cow




    A little kid goat got confused about his own kind, he thought he was a cow. Until the farmer brought him a surprise... Cute farm story for beginning readers by Christopher Montgomery and Anca D. Budeanu. Check out our other standalone books. Or, you can subscribe to our monthly children books...

  • Okenko Books Reader




    Okenko Books is an ad free, kids (4-8) book subscription service which gives you access to all illustrated stories we publish. Every 2 weeks a new book is delivered directly to your phone. Check our website: http://bit.ly/djrH65. Enjoy reading! Update v2.0: faster download, 'Current...

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