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    Download Hebrew Prayers Free Hebrew Prayers Free icon
    Hebrew Prayers Free

    * Free With ads. Please click ads to keep application free. * No-ads version available too. * Fully revised! New interface. Hebrew Prayers is a pack of the essential Jewish Tefillot and Segulot. Can change Font size and color! Includes: - Tefilat Hamazon - Meein Shalosh - Tefilas Haderech - Shir Hasirim - Tikun Klali - Perek Shira - Nishmat - Par…

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    Download Pirkei Avot Pirkei Avot icon
    Pirkei Avot

    פרקי אבות עם פירוש ברטנורא ותוספות ♔ Free With ads. Please click ads to keep application free. ♔ Works on Android 1.6 and up! ♔ No need to install fonts or root phone! "Ethics of the Fathers" or "Chapters of Fundamental Principles", is a compilation of the ethical teachings and maxims of the Rabbis of the Mishnaic period. The…

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    Download Daf Yomi Daf Yomi icon
    Daf Yomi

    הדף היומי Learn Gemara on the go! This simple but powerful tool can help you learn the daily page of the Bavli (Babylonian) Talmud. - See today's page - Hear lesson in Hebrew\English * Requires internet connection * Upgrade to get more: - Learn other pages\Volumes - Seek forward\backward Keyowrds: Gemarah, Jew, Bible, Israel

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    Download Jewish Books- Shmirat Halashon Jewish Books- Shmirat Halashon icon
    Jewish Books- Shmirat Halashon

    * Free With ads. Please click ads to keep application free. A book on the Jewish laws of speech written by Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaCohen. The book is about the mitzvot relating to correct speech and the prohibitions of gosip and slander. Keywords: Hebrew, Halacha, Torah, bible, Israel

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    Download Jewish Books: Yalkut Shimoni Jewish Books: Yalkut Shimoni icon
    Jewish Books: Yalkut Shimoni

    * Free With ads The Jewish Books series: Yalkut Shimoni on the Torah, Midrash, an aggadic compilation on the books of the Hebrew Bible. A collection of various interpretations and explanations of Biblical passages. Keywords: Hebrew, Midrash, Torah, bible, Israel

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    Download Jewish Books - Braslev Jewish Books - Braslev icon
    Jewish Books - Braslev

    * Free With ads. Please click ads to keep application free. * Hebrew Text * Books from Rebbe Nachman of Braslev (Uman): Likutei Moharan A, B and Sefer Hamidot Keywords: Hebrew, Jew, Breslav, Braslav, Torah, bible, Israel

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    Download Jewish Books - Shaarei Teshuva Jewish Books - Shaarei Teshuva icon
    Jewish Books - Shaarei Teshuva

    * Free With ads. Please click ads to keep application free. Hebrew Text! The classic work on repentance and religious conduct. Authored by Yonah Gerondi (Rabenu Yonah) and first published in 1505. For anyone seeking the true path to repentance and reconnection with God. Keywords: Hebrew, Torah, Tefilah, Jew, Israel

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    Download Duties Of The Heart Duties Of The Heart icon
    Duties Of The Heart

    (English Text) Translation and summary of BACHYE'S "Duties of the Heart" by EDWIN COLLINS: A unique work that linked East & West philosophies. It combines elements drawn mysticism of the Arabs, from Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism, and from Greek thought. Keywords: Hebrew, Bible, Torah, Jew, Israel

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    Download Hebrew Keyboard Hebrew Keyboard icon
    Hebrew Keyboard

    * Please follow instructions below to install keyboard. Keyboard will NOT show unless you do both steps!!! * Regular version - will work on small screens and Tablet screens. מקלדת עברית Hebrew text anywhere on your Android! * Requires Android 2.2 and up. No need to root cell phone or installing Hebrew fonts! After installation: from settings, La…

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    Download OKtm Siddur Edot Hamizrach OKtm Siddur Edot Hamizrach icon
    OKtm Siddur Edot Hamizrach

    עכשיו במחירי מבצע בישראל * We allow 24 hours test drive of our All-in-One Siddur! Don't like it? Get a full refund! Jewish Hebrew Weekday Siddur סידור לימות השבוע בעברית ♔ Most popular Siddur in the market. Some of the comments about our Siddur: "I have downloaded 6 siddurim & this is the one I use" "Best siddur I have use…

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