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Vinni on the walk

Vinni on the walk. Simple game for those, who loves Vinni Pooh.

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Download Rosary Rosary icon

Rosary. This simple application can help you Pray The Rosary virtually.

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Saw kettlebells

Saw kettlebells is a funny application. It is based on many peoples favourite author Ilf & Petrov 's book "12 chairs" & "Golden Calf". If you haven't read this book it will be hard to understand the sence of this application. There is a saw and kettlebells on the scene. You need to saw kettlebell like it was d…

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Download Faces mahjong Faces mahjong icon
Faces mahjong

This game is a simple brain train. Just find pairs of dices with the same face. You can choose the cube size from 2*2*2 to 7*7*7 cubes, then the country which famous people will be displayed on dices.

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Download View3DWall View3DWall icon

View3DWall FREE!!! This is a 3D model .OBJ file viewer with real 3D OpenGL ES graphics. It displays the 3D model. You just need to put the file of the model in .obj format on your device card. Press menu button and choose the file. Textures are also displayed. Recommended max file size up to couple megabytes. Big files require big heap size - tha…

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