Olobon Soft, Ltd.

  • Space Shooter Beta




    Shoot all asteroids, enemies and play best score. Features: - 5 levels - 3 kinds of asteroids - 1 enemy ship - bonuses - bombs - extra lives - saving top score (locally and online) Shoot all hazards for extra life. Saved life is doubled score. Saved bomb is bonus points.

  • OS Broadcaster




    Live RTMP audio/video streamer to Flash Media Servers (Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza, EvoStream, C++ RTMP Server, Red5, NGINX-RTMP-Module etc.). Supported codecs: - Video: Sorenson Spark - Audio: Speex, NellyMoser Features: - Video: Width, Height, FPS, KeyFrame, Quality, front camera...

  • OS Player




    OS Player is a free live RTMP stream video player. OS Player is designed for playing back Flash video streams created by OS Broadcaster application (it does not support native video streams). OS Broadcaster application video encoding uses non native video (Sorenson Spark - VP6) and audio (Nelly...

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