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Download Speaker Boost Speaker Boost icon

Speaker Boost

Simple, small, free app to boost your speaker or headphone sound volum...

Free | 7.8 22.6K

7.8 Users
Download Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] icon

Force2SD lite [root]

This app needs a rooted device. Use at your own risk. The lite versi...

Free | 7.6 2.4K

7.6 Users
Download RootDim [root] RootDim [root] icon

RootDim [root]

RootDim was formerly known as SuperDim. RootDim requires root privile...

$0.99 Free | 7.8 2.1K

7.8 Users
Download Earpiece Earpiece icon


Listen to audio books and music through your phone's earpiece when...

Free | 8.2 1.4K

8.2 Users
Download GB keyboard with night mode GB keyboard with night mode icon

GB keyboard with night mode

The OmegaCentauri Gingerbread Keyboard is a version of S. Lin's Gi...

Free | 8 765

8 Users
Download LibriVox Downloader LibriVox Downloader icon

LibriVox Downloader

LibriVox Downloader conveniently downloads free audio books from the L...

Free | 7.2 302

7.2 Users
Download Galactic Night [root, Samsung] Galactic Night [root, Samsung] icon

Galactic Night [root, Samsung]

NOTICE: Galactic Night has been discontinued, though you are free to k...

Free | 8.2 415

8.2 Users
Download Send Reduced Send Reduced icon

Send Reduced

Send Reduced lets you send reduced resolution photos by email with the...

Free | 8.6 355

8.6 Users
Download ScreenDim Trial ScreenDim Trial icon

ScreenDim Trial

Is your minimum screen brightness still too bright? Dim your screen b...

Free | 8.4 206

8.4 Users
Download LunarMap Lite LunarMap Lite icon

LunarMap Lite

Moon maps galore! Scroll, zoom and search through high resolution US...

Free | 8 158

8 Users
Download Force2SD [root] Force2SD [root] icon

Force2SD [root]

This app needs a rooted device that supports moving apps to SD. Use a...

$0.99 | 8.4 298

8.4 Users
Download AstroRender AstroRender icon


This draws 40,000 stars (complete up to magnitude 8) with fairly reali...

Free | 7.2 91

7.2 Users

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