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Speaker Boost

Simple, small, free app to boost your speaker or headphone sound volume. Useful for movies, audio books and music. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Playing audio at high volumes, especially for a prolonged amount of time, can destroy speakers and/or damage hearing. Some users HAVE reported destroyed speakers and earphones. IF YOU HEAR DISTORTED AUDIO, LO…

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Download Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] icon
Force2SD lite [root]

This app needs a rooted device. Use at your own risk. The lite version only lets you move five applications to SD. Save precious application storage! Force2SD lets you force most apps to move to SD card/external storage even when the system would not allow you to move them, thereby saving space in the app storage area. While Android as of vers…

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Download RootDim [root] RootDim [root] icon
RootDim [root]

RootDim was formerly known as SuperDim. RootDim requires root privileges on your device. For unrooted devices, as well as for some devices incompatible with RootDim, try our ScreenDim. RootDim lets you dim LCD screens (and a few OLED ones) to very low levels--lower than the OS normally allows (that's why you need root privileges)--to save ni…

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Download Earpiece Earpiece icon

Listen to audio books and music through your phone's earpiece when you don't have earphones handy. Boost your audio (Android 2.3 through 4.1 or so only, not working on 4.2.1 or higher), whether through earpiece or through the speaker. Earpiece is a simple, light-weight audio-control app. You can pop Earpiece up on top of another applicat…

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Download GB keyboard with night mode GB keyboard with night mode icon
GB keyboard with night mode

The OmegaCentauri Gingerbread Keyboard is a version of S. Lin's Gingerbread keyboard, with three additional features: 1. Night mode: You can switch the keyboard's theme to a night-vision friendly red mode. This is useful for non-rooted devices running astronomy apps (rooted devices can use ChainFire3D's night mode) and other nightmode…

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Download LibriVox Downloader LibriVox Downloader icon
LibriVox Downloader

LibriVox Downloader conveniently downloads free audio books from the LibriVox collection, which can then be played in a suitable audio player. Smart AudioBook is recommended. This app was a Christmas gift for my wife. If you get something useful out of it, so be it. The books are by default downloaded to the LibriVox folder on your SD card / ext…

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Download Send Reduced Free Send Reduced Free icon
Send Reduced Free

Send Reduced lets you share reduced resolution photos by email or text with the minimum number of taps. When sharing a photo, just choose "Send Reduced". The first time, you'll have to choose the email (or other) app you want to use with it, but if you set the checkmark to make this permanent, next time you won't even have to do…

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Download Galactic Night [root, Samsung] Galactic Night [root, Samsung] icon
Galactic Night [root, Samsung]

NOTICE: Galactic Night has been discontinued, though you are free to keep on using if it works. If you have Android 4.4 or newer, try our Color Changer Free app instead. Galactic Night is an experimental nightmode app for rooted Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and Note 1 phones (don't bother trying on other devices) that lets you set various color modes…

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Download Force2SD [root] Force2SD [root] icon
Force2SD [root]

This app needs a rooted device that supports moving apps to SD. Use at your own risk. Download the free lite version to make sure it works on your device. (It may not work on Lollipop!) Save precious application storage! Force2SD lets you force many apps to move to SD card/external storage even when the system would not allow you to move them…

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Download ScreenDim Trial ScreenDim Trial icon
ScreenDim Trial

Is your minimum screen brightness still too bright? Dim your screen below what your device normally permits for comfortable use in darker environments, reading in bed, amateur astronomy, etc.! No root required. (But there is an experimental root option which makes things even darker on some devices, e.g., the Nexus 7.) Save your five favorite…

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Download LunarMap Lite LunarMap Lite icon
LunarMap Lite

Moon maps galore! Scroll, zoom and search through high resolution US Geological Survey and NASA maps. LunarMap is fun for anybody who wants to see and know more about earth's lovely satellite and is a great companion for amateur astronomy observations through a telescope. The Lite version watermarks zoom levels above 8X and does not includ…

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Download Color Changer Free [root] Color Changer Free [root] icon
Color Changer Free [root]

Completely recolor all apps! Color Changer requires root and Android 4.4 or higher (works best on Lollipop and higher). Features of the Pro version: - Use red or amber or green on black to preserve night vision for astronomy or reading ebooks in bed. - Set sepia for more pleasant reading in a browser. - Oversaturated outdoor mode. - Have fun…

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